Don’t invest, don’t invest, don’t invest

Do not invest, don't invest, don't invest

A large number of investors are not from the financial industry. They have strong capabilities in their own fields. Financial management is just a means of asset appreciation. It takes too much energy to cultivate. Not worth the candle. Moreover, finance is always a weak food. In any investment field, the loss must be new.

However, not every investor can understand this. Just last week, there was a big cow in the field of electronics manufacturing who asked me for investment. I can only give him advice: “It’s better to spend your time in your own industry to generate value than to spend time on financial research. Really have spare money, just buy a money fund.

Don’t spend time on financial management

The main platform I invested in is biased towards high interest, I hope to borrow The east wind of the entire industry, through asset allocation, to achieve high returns. Because of this, I have some insights into investing in high-interest platforms, which have been discussed with my readers in previous articles.

But for most people, the need to learn is not great. The most important thing for investors to consider is the maximization of overall income (personal income + financial gains) rather than spending a lot of time. I got the money in financial management. It’s like our generation, when buying small items, they don’t pay attention to discounts, and some things they can handle are more likely to be outsourced to others. This is not because we don’t need this cheaper, but the time cost for this is higher.

For most investors, Yu’ebao (or other money funds) is actually a very good choice, it is completely positively related – the risk is the same as the bank, but the liquidity and benefits are far Far higher than the bank. The investment balance treasure is basically a defense against inflation.

There are no better products than Yu’ebao

I just said that for most investors, spending time on their jobs can create more Great value. I also don’t want to recommend products that require skill and risk.

So, is there any risk similar to the balance, but the benefits are much higher than the products of Yu’ebao?

Of course! At least for the past two years, the low-interest online lending platform has always been a very good investment opportunity. Speaking of this, someone must refute me, how can the risk of online lending platform be comparable to the balance? Let us look at a case:

On August 28, 2014, Hongling Venture Capital broke the news, and there was a big profit – a bad debt of 100 million borrowers. Experts from outside the circle commented, and there are accusations of Hongling’s risk control. There are some risks to explore the big label, and there are also some voices that negate the entire online loan industry.

But inside the online loan circle, many of the friends who invested in Hongling Venture Capital are all indifferent to this matter. The reason is very simple – the value of the company is far higher than the number of bad debts. Even if 100% of the loans are bad, Hongling will not fall, because as the leader of the online loan industry, his valuation has far exceeded his waiting.

After the problem occurs in Hongling, the shareholders’ thinking is very clear, and they must be willing to increase capital to save the enterprise. Even Hongling can sell original stocks to investors, and believe that it is also a mess.

The current situation of most online lending platforms is similar. The whole industry is still in the development stage, the income is not high and the platform value is very high. As long as the platform management personnel are not stupid, There was no problem for a long time.

In addition, there is a small business e-house with a bank support, Lu Jinsuo, which can really be said to be an excellent investment opportunity. Lu Jinsou even gave a yield of 9% some time ago, and low-risk investors can basically migrate from Yu’ebao without brain.

How to choose a low-interest platform

The judgment of a low-interest platform is very convenient. If you really want to introduce skills, only one word is the standard for your judgment. – “Big”

  • The value is large, so the company value is enough to cover bad debts

  • body Large amount, so following the large number effect will not produce non-systematic risks

  • There is a lot of work, so investors in the market are full of confidence and exclude reputation risks.

Whether it is online lending or stock market, I always emphasize to myself: I am not going to be a master, just willing to follow the trend and be a pig on the wind. For the emerging entrepreneurial platform, it is suitable to enter as a VC, but it is definitely not suitable for entering in the form of credit. This is a different investment idea. Hey, not a public good, right?

As for which platforms, comrades can refer to the following picture:

Do not invest, don't invest, don't invest

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