Driver Mertens out of Serie A top scorer

Dries Mertens scored a hat-trick in a Champions League match against Paris Saint-Germain in the next few weeks with a 5-1 win over Empoli to return to second place in Serie A.

Coach Carlo Ancelotti said Napoli are to keep three points ahead of Saturday's trip to Cagliari.

Lorenzo Insigne opened the scoring nine minutes after the San Paolo Stadium with Belgian Mertens in the first half.
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Mertens added two others after the 64-minute break and the long-awaited clash with Arkadius Milik, as well as the last minute.
The Ancelotti side are back in contention after drawing 2-2 with Paris Saint-Germain and AS Roma (1-1).

But the former Real Madrid and Real Madrid boss said he was angry about the results.

"The result says we played a great game, but Empoli played better than us.

"We have won so much of the 4-1 and we played well against Roma, but we got it, we have won a bigger point tonight.

"Even I was angry about Mertens, he was playing like a shoulder, I shouted if he wanted to score, he should continue in the middle.

"He replied that the fans were also important, he had a hat trophy with a hat-trick and an assist."

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Ancelotti coached his team for their first game of the season in France, featuring Kevin Malcuit and midfield midfielders Amadou Diawara and Marko Rog, but insisted the insigne of Insigne and Mertens.

Insigne received nine minutes after the good work done by Kalidou Koulibaly as Senegal defender broke through in the first half.

Luca Antonelli thought he scored the equalizer for Empoli 15 minutes, but the goal was offside.

Insigne then gave Giovanni Di Lorenzo a straight red card to build Mertens, which was too far behind in the 38th minute.

Francesco Caputo was hoping Empoli would hope to beat the left-back in the 58th minute, but six minutes later Mertens got his second goal.

Insigne and Mertens entered the fourth-placed fourth-half minutes to 90 minutes with Insigne and then Mertens scored his 75th Serie A goal for the season, and 98 in Napoli.

"I have never had such a big team, so I can join and change the line-up with many quality qualities," Ancelotti said.

"But the truth is that Insigne and Mertens are hard teams outside.

"There is a lot of competition, we have to think carefully about the choice of PSG.

"Mertens is a fantastic game, but Milik has played 10 minutes and scored, so he works very well."

Empoli are unbeaten since the opening game of the season in Cagliari.

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