Duan Zi: What does summer mean?

How hot is this day, to feel the weather in Wuhan! !

 Duanzi: What does summer mean?

A puppy is alive and dead in the car. .

 Duanzi: What does summer mean?

It’s time to summon!

 Duanzi: What does summer mean?

High temperature makes African little brothers hot to doubt life! !

 Duanzi: What does summer mean?

What does summer mean? ?

 Duanzi: What does summer mean?

1, a beautiful woman discovers that a small lake next to the orchard is beautiful I have the idea of ​​wanting to swim. When the beautiful woman sees no one, she takes off her clothes and is about to jump into the water. Suddenly a man screams out from behind the fruit trees: swimming is forbidden here! The beautiful woman quickly picked up her clothes and blocked her body. She said with anger: Why don’t you say when I take off my clothes? The man said: swimming is forbidden here, but undressing is not prohibited! ! !

2, I want to chase a girl, the girl said to me: “The men who chase me are lined up! Are you counting?”

I thought about it, The place where men line up is really not a good place. So gave up.

3. In this morning’s dream, the umbrella touched a woman next to her, and she was arrested and asked me to lose money. I said that there is no broken skin and no meat. How much money is right for you? Pull it down, buy an ice cream for you, and go home when you eat. She said, and then found a Baxi ice cream counter, pointing to 31 yuan to say that I want this, and then she accompanied the girlfriend to tell the salesperson that you are 14 packs.

Not accustomed to this shameless, I woke up directly, so that you can’t eat it at all.

4. Crossing the street mouse, everyone shouted, but no one went up to fight.

5. When the son was three years old, he fell in love with the bear. He learned the bears in the whole day, and his wife was afraid that he would not learn Mandarin in the future. He bought the bears for him and the toys. The toy was completely collected. As a result, the son and his wife were the damn boss Li, and his wife took advantage of him to catch him.

I was distressed to see my son, but I dare not go to persuade, because my son cried and said, Li boss, I dare not, Xiong Da, come and save it… /p>

6. I bought the original chicken in Indonesia. Since the young girl doesn’t speak English, I mean the picture on the shelf. After I paid the money, I started to make a dance and said what I said. I don’t understand, but I don’t let me go. Is it that I didn’t pay enough? So I gave her 10,000 rupiahs. She waved her hand and continued to ask me in Indonesian. I couldn’t help but waver in my heart? Didn’t he have seen such a handsome Asian brother? Take the line and leave Facebook for you! Next, Xiaomei, she gave me the phone, and then the little girl was silent… The scene was very embarrassing, and finally she held her chest with her hand! Pointing down again to her big white legs! Finally, I turned back to the original chicken in the machine! I understand! She asked me if I want chicken breasts to have chicken legs! then! I pointed to her chest!

7, I: Are your girls wearing skirts particularly cool? !

Xiao Wang: Ask what to ask, is it better to experience it yourself? !