Education and education

Education and education are two different concepts. The former focuses on the cultivation of character and the perfection of personality. The latter focuses on the teaching of knowledge and the training of skills. For this difference, not everyone has a sense of consciousness.

English there are several very interesting word, culture, cultivation, education, Chinese were translated as culture, education, education. Culture comes from education and education and is indispensable. The relationship between culture and parenting in English is closer, and the etymology of both is cultivated. Although education has the same goal, people who are well educated do not necessarily have good education, and they cannot talk about culture. For example, some government officials have received college education and have decent jobs, but they are online during office hours, and even make mistakes and hurt people on the Internet. This seemingly well-dressed official, in secret, is a network of hooligans, showing the division of personality, that is, the division of education and education.

Speaking of the dress, others are paying attention to their education, and I will give you an example. I was still studying 20 years ago and had the opportunity to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for a field study. I am accompanied by an African student, black, whose family has a large plantation on the coast of West Africa. I believe in the custom of dressing in the country, dressed like an American causal (wearing casual clothes), and the African classmates are dressed in suits, and their hair is also shiny and shiny, like a white-collar white-collar. When we were hanging out together, it was awkward to be in a suit with a suit. I couldn’t help it anymore, and asked him: Can you not wear a suit? Unexpectedly, the students answer actually I was taken aback: I want to be a gentleman (I wear like a gentleman). At that moment, I suddenly realized that he intended to distinguish it from the black Americans. He used a suit to indicate that he was not a hip hop on the streets of New York. He was very concerned about giving people the impression that he was concerned about his identity and would not be underestimated.

In the words of scholars, the dress is the sign of a person, and the consciousness of the dress is actually about self-cultivation, and sign is used to express his gentleman identity. Give another similar example. In the late 1970s, I went to college in China. At that time, I was popular with the new simplified characters. For example, I used the right side of the word “street” instead of “street” and wrote half a “line.” One time, a classmate took a letter and pointed to the address on the envelope and said: Look at this beautiful “street” word to write much more beautiful, I will not write half a “line”, I would rather write a few more, write a formal The “street” is not written indiscriminately. This is a conscious attitude towards life. A rigorous and serious self-consciousness about the norms of behavior is part of the cultivation of people. The wording of a word may be a trivial matter. Many people don’t care, but there are also many people who care about such subtleties, and the cultivation of human beings is revealed from the subtleties. This is like wearing clothes. It has nothing to do with school education. It is a subtle influence of personal and family education. It belongs to the issue of “Meng Mengmu, choose neighbors” and is part of English cultivation.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has a Chinese pavilion. The curator is a foreigner. I am on the phone with him. His English has a heavy European accent. The curator is a Chinese painting expert. He wrote a book about ancient Chinese landscape painting in English, called Cultivated Landscape. In the title of the cultivated is cultivating, escaping

“pen farming”, referring to the ancient Chinese painter using the pen as a plow, cultivating the natural landscape into the adult Wenshan water, the wilderness landscape, ploughing as an artistic realm, and In this context, the humanistic meaning of the literati painter is injected, so this landscape painting has an “ideal mood.” Westerners typically Chinese in the “mood” of the term translated into inscape, but I think the New York metropolitan cu ltivated landscape is also very good, there are landscape into art meaning, the concept of the Western landscape through up with the concept of Chinese landscape painting In order to make the scenery show humanistic cultivation, and to distinguish the literati painting from the artisan painting.

This distinction is also a difference between cultivation and education. The so-called education is to learn knowledge and skills in school so that they can survive in the world of society in the future. To put it bluntly, it is to rely on a skill to find a job and make a living. This is not the same thing as personal cultivation and upbringing. It is not at all a level.

I worked hard to drop out of school and went to a Chinese school in Chinatown to teach Chinese children to paint on weekends. One of the junior high school girls painted very well. I always encouraged her and hoped that she would paint better. The child also had a great interest in learning to paint. However, at the end of the expiration, she told me that she would not come to study painting in the next semester, because her mother said: painting can’t make money, she won’t let her study next year, she will study business in the future. It seems that her mother regards cultivation and education as one thing. In fact, personal cultivation is of course not profitable, and good character does not guarantee to make more money. I am suspicious that the ancients said that “no business is not traitorous”, will it be a hint: businessmen lack education.

However, ancient merchants are very educated. Since the Southern Song Dynasty, especially in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Jiangnan is the most developed region in the commercial economy and the most developed region of art and culture, and the most cultivated literati are from that region. However, today’s people are eager for quick success, and the fly camp shit, in the impetuous commercial society, has no regard for personality and upbringing, and where to talk about the elegant gentleman.