Education is first of all human education

Education is first and foremost a human education. This is the origin of education. The object of education is people. Education is of course educating people and educating people. However, more often, are there people in our eyes? We are non-human education, score education, and education for higher education. After the Ma Jiajue tragedy, a principal of a certain place in Yunnan said that under the current educational assessment, we only raise the rate of college entrance examinations. Which one of us has cultivated Ma Jiajue or Liu Haiyang?

Nowadays, various educational reforms that have been promoted are all reforms of teaching content, or curriculum reforms, referred to as curriculum reforms. They never pay attention to the object of education and pay attention to the education of people. The education authorities are keen on the evaluation of various materializations, competing with the standards of hardware facilities, and promoting the modernization of educational means, neglecting the care for people. Even if there are some ideological and moral courses, they often smeared too much ideological color, and replaced the basic “human education” with a high moral declaration.

Remember Einstein’s definition of education? When all the things that the school has taught you are forgotten, the rest is education.

So what will be forgotten? Those who have learned through mechanical training, strengthening and consolidating, repeatedly grasping and repeating the knowledge, a large number of questions, solving methods and secret recipes, these students will be forgotten until they leave the school, and will not forget the kindness and curiosity. The heart is a healthy state of mind. It is a tolerant, unbiased psychology. It is a compassionate feeling. It is a lofty ambition. It is a style of victory and arrogance. It is a vision, a feeling, a compassion, a morality. Personality… Only with these is a student with a soul. However, our school education just discarded these. Our students are so pale and shaped that they have nothing but poor scores.