Elon Musk's all tweets but sure Tesla will pay $ 920 million

Elon Musk has taken over all the implementers and schedules, but it is certain that his company will pay $ 920 million in cash on the Friday after the Tesla stock has failed to increase its value.

Tesla Inc. is located on the shelf to set up 1 bank billing, which is the largest repayment date in the history of the nearest 16 years of history. To pay some of the shareholding fees, the stakeholders would have to reach an average average value of $ 359.87 for a 20-day business start date. 29. The figure was about $ 306.91 from Tuesday, the last day of the change.

People should have to decide on Wednesday if they are happy to make a difference in equality or cash, which they think they will choose the stock. Based on Tesla shares for the last 20 days, if a person has a decision to change his / her investment, he or she will receive a $ 850 exchange rate between the cash and shares, instead of had $ 1,000 of the Tesla bills that would have been paid in full.

Tesla had a $ 3.7 billion equivalent equivalent since December 31, more than enough to pay basic payments and $ 1.15 million in excess interest. Tesla's representative was referred to comments on the four-quarters of the company's account, saying it was "enough cash to enjoy the cash flow of the kind that could be traded in March 2019."

Tesla has not shut down more than $ 359.87 since December. 14. When reported on the fourth quarter of the January 30th, the company has missed analysts' estimates, and said the long-term financial officer resigned. Recently, Tesla's Model 3 has lost the required information from the Consumer Report, and Musk once again complies with the legal system once again, because of its tweeting qualities. Predictions will be reduced by more than 10 per cent this year.

If they are sure they want to change, Tesla said it will set a 50-50 change for cash and savings, Bloomberg reported in December.