Estúdio BG + LVPN Arquitetura creates a fluid, innovative office for Silveriro Lawyers in Brazil

In Porto Alegre, Brazil, the designers of the new Estúdio BG + LVPN Arquitetura design space recently completed an office transfer to the leadership of the law firm Silveiro.

From the very beginning of the idea of ​​renewing this office, the greatest inspiration for its form, style, and even its fundamental energy was the flow of thought. Architecture and fuliyaasha has the same desire to create a space that fosters the flow of the liquid in the energy, information, communication, and ideas, but also that they have a liquid form and atmosphere, which makes them all in very stable.

Specifically, the space was built with the aim of accommodating fluid working environments, such as collaboration and mobile workspaces in different contexts, practically reflecting the flow of work culture and modern lifestyle. .

The basic feeling of something "fluid" becomes apparent immediately upon entering the office. Even before you head into the reception area and the waiting room, you have already seen several buildings, furniture, style, and details that enforced the word. The table, for example, rotates smoothly on its front face without any sacrifice and no space at the top, while the walls around the back and forth do not run smoothly behind it, and smoothly. with going to the office.

As part of its ambitious goals, executives have asked designers to create a space that they feel is not confined to modeling and living rooms. Instead, they wanted to focus on the flow and continuity of flow easily flows through the whole structure that makes sense in terms of the organization, work flow integration.

One of the most unique aspects of space is the emphasis on knowledge and learning within fluid stimulation! This is based on the existence of a large library spread across the office, traveling through transmitters, the thin, thin shelves that follow the path from the hall to the interior, from point to point.

The chosen theme and atmosphere is really prevalent in the office that you will find it difficult to find a sharp corner somewhere. Even the staircase is designed as an art form, taking a circular shape to the full feel of the balance of skylight and the weight of its wooden structure.

The wood you see on the staircase is definitely another element that is important to the overall layout as well; the wood is present from the reception hall and on the other side to the open space on the walls, shelves of books, and traditions and bedding of expensive items. The combination of liquid fiber and natural wood gives the feeling of natural comfort.

To make the wood light that really stands out in all its glory, the designers chose to first add white floors and details to really give a difference. The wood is able to come out without the enclosure or does not feel dark and rusty. The modern feel is preserved and things remain bright and fresh.

In terms of customized equipment, designers have chosen to complete a combination of wood and landscape features with medium-size models, select pieces that look like you saw in modern homes and leading offices. This adds to the sense of style and the attractiveness of the look and confidence in the sharing of knowledge.
Photos by Chris Brauce