Excellent remodeling for Fourth Family

This good project is the love of love, that is the result of the renewal, carried out by the construction of Ali Malek, and the professionals Tony Dinardo and Daniele Laurentini, all of whom work in the Urbanscape Architects, can not be more successful.

Modern territories

The house, designed for four families, is located in Toronto, Canada, which has a 205-meter square meter building that is divided into 3 floors, and is implemented in 2017.

The new home refers to the lives of former owners of New York City, along with their current and professional life and younger lives. Important homes have a wide range of individuals and many are suitable for growing families. In general, structural strategy responds to the owners & they need to have natural light, the weather and the vision they enter in their living space.

A great modern expanse

Structural planning is achieved through design patterns. First of all, the interior divisions were historically written to create a memorable and memorable home, referring to the close connection of its appearance and appearance. Then, the custom of the sun was set to appear in each of the first, second and third floors.

Clear white stripes
Modern smartphones in the modern world
A large pool
Skin with white marble floors
Night vision overseas
Outdoor sight in the area