Explore the secrets behind the “new social people” who want to enter retirement

I really want to enter retirement life in advance

Drinking tea and playing with birds every day is not a good thing

You have to believe

These words are definitely not forty-five-year-old uncles and uncles

, but a group of 80s and 90s who claim to be old aunts and uncles

Explore the secret behind the

It’s a small newcomer who just entered the society

Why do you want to retire?

What is hidden in this secret?

It’s actually very simple



It’s very difficult!

How good is college life

Sleep every day

Eat and eat

Sleep and sleep

Occasionally attend classes (of course, it may be because this cookie does not love learning)

But it is undeniable that the days of reading are really good

At that time, the classmates were intimate ( Pure one)

The holiday is really taking a break

The only leader is the class teacher, and will not deduct your salary

Remember During the internship, the most talked about with friends is when you want to go back to school

Explore the secret behind the

The confusion and overwhelmingness of entering the workplace

all but full of ambitions

You can only do it every week. Does it make sense?

Sometimes it’s said that the 90s are unruly

In fact, it’s just a “new social person” facing society. The “stress response” of unfamiliar environment

The so-called retirement is of course just a joke.

But it’s really a good life to live like a salted fish every day

Explore wanting to enter retirement The secret behind the


“new Society will slowly become a “social” that can get used to you.

You can learn something from life and work. It is very interesting to find a little fun.

Everyone is working hard

Because you have money

Retirement is fun

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Explore the desire to enter retirement

Since life is already so difficult

Biscuits decided to add to everyone’s “retirement life”

Explore the secret behind the

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Please give me a thin face, crab crab

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