“Extreme Challenge” brotherhood, what is causing their relationship to be so close

The brotherhood in “Extreme Challenge” is very good for everyone to see. The six of them are mutually supportive in the entertainment circle. Everyone takes the team seriously, but why These six people will become such a good relationship now, today sugar sugar to analyze.

Huang Lei once said that There are several programs to find him, Huang Wei and Sun Honglei, so the three people will discuss together to go to those programs, so the total will come to the “Extreme Challenge”, so it seems that the relationship between the three people needless to say It’s all super good. Three people in the show can also see that they are all very good friends.

Wang Xun is yellow What you bring, this one may know that Wang Xun is actually a member of Huang Wei’s studio. Wang Xun himself said in the “Golden Star Show” that Huang Wei did take him with everything. Participating in “Extreme Challenge” is also what Huang Hao wants to bring, but it can be better with five other people. Part of the reason is also Wang Xun himself. Wang Xun is very low-key and hard-working. No one will hate such people.

For Zhang Yixing, this one It was the person chosen by the director himself. At that time, Yixing and they were not very familiar. At that time, there was a small fresh meat in the following seasons that wanted to change Yixing, but this is impossible. Yanmin will not agree. That is, Yan Min agreed, and the remaining five people will not agree. Their love for Yixing is directly manifested in behavior, and in the eyes, it is really a group pet.

For piglets, He is actually a variety show, and he often plays in various variety shows. Maybe the pigs in the first two seasons are not very worried, but the pigs behind are really treating everyone with care. In fact, the time for the pigs to debut is not Short, but also experienced a lot of disgusting things in the entertainment circle, then he should be as simple as a workplace for the entertainment industry, but in this program, I saw the truth, really touched him, and then really moved.

Sugar can be seen online Such a description is very good, I want to share it with everyone: In fact, “Extreme Challenge” is a family, Huang Lei is a father, Huang Wei is a Qingdao mother, the big squirrel must be the eldest son, Zhu Bishi is the second daughter, the little sheep Of course, it became the most favored little daughter, and the existence of Sun Honglei is a big bug, because he may be a father or a grandson.