Eye for Details and Energy with Simon Rawlings of David Collins Studio

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In the event of the Podcast Home Worker we are joining other non-Simon Rawlings, Creative Director of David Collins Studio!

His role in the Simon Simon studied the implementation of some of the most famous hotels in the world, shelter, and retail space. He worked at David Collins for nearly twenty years and during this time he worked across the world of projects that describe the industry.

Through the conversation, Simon shares his experiences and experiences and he thinks he came to define his work and studio. Simon has played a key role in creating the signature of David Collins, who is closely related to the use of color sensory details, such as the design of the environment. We are listening to him about some important aspects of his career, the importance of training and training for young people, and how he likes the open space to take pictures.

All of these and all the changes!

Key Points:

  • A brief history about and joining David Collins Studio and Simon's participation.
  • The work of David Collins Studio has done in Harrods.
  • Simon's emphasis on David Collins over recent years.
  • Cultural change from a new project.
  • Simon's personality and personality in his work.
  • Simon's dream project!
  • David Collins Studio training, community involvement and youth involvement.
  • Where Simon finds his inspiration, the best ideas, and focus on the appearance.
  • Simon of Instagram ideas and social media.
  • The focus is on Simon to postpone the visual design of the image.
  • Some useful designs-business advice from Simon speaking no
  • Watch for Simon and David Collins in the future.
  • Interview with Simon's Instant Messenger!
  • And much!


"What I like and what is good is what they are thinking, it's a bit of a great idea." – @srettiwtnomis [0:04:32.7]

"We are about 60 people, 60 architects, we have global projects, 75% of our projects are out of the UK, and that's what we're working on as a strategy." – @srettiwtnomis [0:06:00.2]

"The beginning of each project, because I'm the most important." – @srettiwtnomis [0:15:18.4]

"We are working really on the new graduates and designer in the studio to help them understand the concept of the idea" – @srettiwtnomis [0:23:41.9]

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