Family life guidelines

Once he realizes that learning is not so difficult, his entire life changes. If you want to help others progress, please remember to encourage each other to change, making corrections sounds easy.

If you want to change the attitude or behavior of the other party, the leader should keep the following suggestions in mind, seek truth from facts, do not promise things, do not promise, clear purpose, know clearly what you want the other party to do; Careful, ask yourself what is the real needs of the other party; think in terms of empathy, think about what benefits the other party can do for you; exchange interest, find the combination of the above benefits and the needs of the other party, indicate the attitude, when making the request, to the other party Explain how he can benefit from it.

 Family Life Guidelines

People regard appreciation and recognition as gems, abandon hypocrisy and greet as dust.

The Seven Rules of Happy Family Life

Principle One: Don’t worry.

Principle 2: Don’t try to change each other and respect each other’s unique way of life. Not interfering with each other is not the same as giving up.

Principle 3: Do not blame each other. These are in vain and useless, but they make the other person feel painful.

Principle 4: Learn to appreciate and sincerely appreciate each other.

Principle 5: Seeing the truth in the subtleties, the heartbreaking is not the loss of love, but the fact that we disappeared when we disappeared.

Principle 6: Modesty and courteous, people turn a blind eye to others, but suffer from this ignorance. People don’t dare to talk to customers or business partners, but they never feel that it is wrong to give orders to their wives. The words of those who are ruthless and insulting are often from our families. The truth is shocking, but it is true.

Principle 7: Reasonably arrange the time balance between family and work.

 Family Life Guidelines

Do you still pay attention to your wife now? Do you never blame her before others? Do you still give her pocket money in addition to family expenses, which she is free to control? Are you trying to understand her feminine little emotions and help her through a time of grievance, nervousness or uneasiness? Do you really care about her spiritual life, whether it is not suspicion, whether to take the initiative to seize the opportunity to thank her for doing small things for you.

People usually only play 10% of their potential mental abilities. In the mediocrity of life, we often do not know the chaotic appearance of our situation and destiny. Only by reducing the proportion of time will the context of human destiny be clearly visible. Seeing micro-knowledge, sometimes rational and objective, in-depth analysis of the motives behind other people’s behavior; sometimes warm and welcoming, the world changes, the wind is surging, and the Tao law is unchanged, the initial heart is always.

The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.