Financial confusion, lack of supervision… 7 people were investigated

The Bengbu City Commission for Discipline Inspection reported six typical cases of patrol inspection and rectification and “one accountability and eight clean-up” special actions to rectify the “review” work, respectively:

1. Li Qingmin, secretary of the Party branch of Xiaobei Wang Erfen Village, Wuxiang Township, violated the spirit of the Eighth Provisions of the Central Committee.

Li Qingmin violated the eight provisions of the Central Committee during his tenure as party secretary of Xiaobukwang Erfen Village. In spirit, in October 2015 and June 2016, the ban on fire was granted 8400 yuan. The 2,700 yuan flood relief and relief fund was not recorded in the village collective accounts. When the lighting transformer was installed in the village, the electrician was paid a fee of 3,000 yuan. The post-disaster repair house subsidy of 30,000 yuan was not used to repair the declared collapsed house. 27,000 yuan will be used to repair other houses to improve their living conditions. On May 14, 2018, Li Qingmin was given a ruling of the party’s duties and chased 32,700 yuan of disciplinary income.

2. Huang Zhiyong, director of the Weiwang County Township Finance Office, violated the financial and legal issues

Huang Zhiyong is the director of the Shiwangji Township Finance Office. During the accounting and cashier period, the financial management system was not seriously implemented, resulting in confusion in financial management. In March 2014, in the absence of an approval card, the reimbursement for hospitality was 800 yuan; on April 20, July 5, and July 6, 2014, the relevant personnel of the township went to Beijing to solve the petition problem in the township. In the absence of public documents and dispatched car orders, the refueling cost of 810 yuan occurred; the township government used the original staff of the township government in 2014 and 2015, Liu Chao personal vehicles, May 10, 2014, January 2015 On the 17th, the vehicle generated a total maintenance cost of 5,188 yuan, no maintenance and repair items details; township government in June 2016, the purchase of two soybean milk machine is not included in the fixed assets account. On June 14, 2018, Huang Zhiyong was given a warning in the party.

3. Li Shijie, director of the Fuxing District Environmental Protection Bureau, and Li Lipeng, the squadron leader of the Fourth District of the Fuxing District Environmental Protection Bureau, are not in place.

2018 On May 9th, the Fuxing District Environmental Protection Bureau monitored the joint inspection of the 4th Squadron and Pengjiazhai Township of Fuxing District and found that there were pollutants in the jurisdiction of Pengjiazhai Township. The fourth squadron did not follow up on the issue in time and dealt with it. By the night of May 24, Pengjiazhai Township once again discovered the problem of pollutants escaping in the area. In this regard, Li Shijie, as the head of the Fourth Squadron of the Fuxing District Environmental Protection Bureau, has leadership responsibility. Li Lipeng, as the squadron leader of the Fourth Squadron of the Fuxing District Environmental Protection Bureau, did not perform his duties conscientiously. The hidden dangers were not in place and had direct responsibility, which constituted a dereliction of duty. On May 25, 2018, Li Shijie was given a warning to give Li Lipeng a warning in the party.

4. Fu Ziping, secretary of the Party branch of Xingyuan Village, Chengnan Office, Weinan New District, failed to fulfill the land supervision duties.

Wu Ziping was in the south of 2008 Since the secretary of the party branch of Xingyuan Village in the office, he has not performed his duties correctly, and has not dealt with the problem of illegal land occupation in the village, which has caused certain influence among the masses. On May 16, 2018, he was given a serious warning in the party.

5. Zhao Yingdong, Party Secretary and Party Committee Director of Hefang Qifang Village, Qumo Township, Yongnian District, violated the discipline of the masses and national laws and regulations

In January 2017, after the completion of the drinking water well poverty alleviation project applied by the village, the supporting funds of the village committee were not in place, and the relevant facilities were not matched, resulting in the well being idle, resulting in the loss of the benefits of poverty alleviation projects; 2015 In 2016 and 2016, the village was eaten and drunk in the name of handling village affairs, and the total hospitality expenses were 22,617 yuan. Zhao Yingdong took advantage of his position and took the means of income non-bookkeeping to illegally dispose of the cleaning staff and health expenses of the superior level of 50,500 yuan; in the work, the virtual expenditure was 214,000 yuan, and 18,880 yuan was illegal. Occupation, its actions are suspected of crimes. On May 30, 2018, Zhao Yingdong was expelled from the party and dismissed.

6. Shi Yanliang, secretary of the Party branch of Mochi Village, Suobao Town, She County, violated the rules of village-level affairs, organized discipline, etc.

July 2015 In December 2016, Shi Yanliang violated the statutory rules of procedure in the construction of engineering projects involving the collective interests of the villagers. He only convened the “two committees” to designate project contractors; and the virtual invoicing method to acquire poverty alleviation funds of 118,500 yuan, except for actual use. In addition to the expenditure on poverty alleviation projects, the remaining 91,070 yuan was set up for accounts, of which 7,8298.5 yuan was used for village affairs. On June 19, 2018, Shi Yanliang was given the revocation of his duties within the party.

(Hebei Radio and Television Station is a client, Taiwanese reporter Jiang Nan)