First Look at Jesse Pinkman Returns

The first real scenario Bad Breaking the movie is: Advertisement for El Camino: A Painful Painting has been released during the Emmy Awards, bringing back Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) to return to the Netflix movie. Goddess Vince Gilligan said in a recent interview that many actors are involved Bad Breaking the world will be back and now fans will be watching some of the movie. The film will premiere on October 11.

New Bad Breaking The film will pick up the events of the series on its own, after Jesse's "wonderful escape from exile" after being kidnapped by Neo-Nazis Walter White (Bryan Cranston, who might appear in the prequel?). ) has worked in the past, showing how it "aligns with the past that it has created to create a kind of future".

Watch the first full video here:

Watch the first trailer of the trailer, showing Jesse driving to hear his news despite the massacre escaping:

The first installment featured the photo & # 39; Pinkman & # 39; pal Skinny Pete (Charles Baker) asking questions about cops on Jesse's site, and Gilligan confirmed that both Pete (obviously from the trailer) and Jesse's fellow Badger (Matt Jones) also appear. will.

El Camino: A Painful Painting it will premiere on Netflix on October 11.