Flavio Castro 's Box House Changes Season

The new building built in the Box House, created by Flavio Castro and groups, is located on the sunny mountains of Sao Paulo, Brasil, where guests offer an experienced overseas experience of experienced homeowners surrounded by

This house, located on a residential neighborhood, is designed and brought into a youth building with him and his loved ones. He has chosen to work on the size of the building right now before requesting to expand, build and promote local and international space to create sensitivity and air, free movement.

The effect of opening the pocket boxes of any wall of the house, regardless of the floor) is one of the property between the property and the house, making the open space open and the other open. This is a unique source of weather around the city, Castro is not embarrassed for a moment to benefit from it's cool and warm.

On the way, the house looks like the name suggests; It's modern, modern, lightweight box made of metal! This was contrary because the face is a little frightening and very quiet in the public building on the street. However, on the specific side, however, you will come out of the area of ​​the opaque box you thought you had entered. Pops of the color and the stairs that increase the quality of modern smartphone modernity can instantly come in.

Both the private parts of the house, both metal and metal, are replaced by open light openings to create the open openings and the same open space in the kitchen and living room. This building is placed at the high floor, as well, without opening the walls completely and making it an unsafe area. The overall impact of the outside is that the house seems to be bent, especially at night!

Like a living space set out in the outside area is decorated individually because of the green environment and lots of parks on the back of the house. Weather conditions do not fit into the open air, the glass walls and Metal structure can be worn, simultaneously or together, in a position that can be mediated.

At the sunset, extra space provides an open-ended host city with a sunny sunshine in modern sunshine (which will not even be available at home). The garden park complements the topics and sets a link to the Box House area. This idea is based on the fact that the whole house is heated with the use of low impact, energy efficiency and solar-powered fishing.

Pictures: Pedro Kok