Focus on Science, Information and Not Thinking

With the death of Coronavirus strain COVID-19 Mount, the American Medical Association is calling on elected officials to put aside their political ideas and focus science and data on the growing war against deadly viruses.

Not to mention any selected name or political party by name, sermon President OR President Patrice A. Harris distributed to health care reporters Tuesday morning called "all elected officials to strengthen the science, evidence and reality of their words and actions."

The talk comes at a time when President Donald Trump has been criticized for turning the benefits of anti-malarial drugs into the possibility of COVID-19 treatment. Medical experts, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, however, does not. urged caution with clinical trials, additional data and studies are needed to determine the safety of hydroxychloroquine.

"We are calling for a decision on the safety and efficacy of drugs by scientists and researchers, based on data," Harris said in a speech delivered directly to the National Press Club.

"It is science, research and evidence, and it is not a hopeful thought or thought, that gives us hope when we face uncertainty about the tragedy," Harris said. It is the science that brings the proven treatment of COVID-19. It is the science that will bring vaccination. ”

OR is the largest group of physicians in the country with more than 200,000 members and has strong relationships within Washington and with local and specialist medical communities. Harris' remarks come as COVID-19 cases in the United States injured 370,000 on Tuesday and the death toll rose to 11,000, according to Johns Hopkins. Coronavirus Resource Center at the University.

"In fact, the nation needs more – and more – than our leaders," Harris said. The public has already made extraordinary sacrifices by working on the evidence. We all need the belief that hey & # 39; s also protected by science in the forefront. ”

Some public health officials are worried that top doctors such as Fauci could be embarrassed or encouraged not to talk about her illness. In this regard, the president or the AMA has called "the government's scientific institutions, now and in the future, to be led by experts to protect them from political influence."

"We are calling for an environment where doctors, scientists and other experts are free to share evidence-based, factual information," Harris said.

But it is not just the hope and absence of scientific information that has taken place in the White House. OR is working to dissolve other false claims. Dr. Harris said some of these false claims include:

* "African Americans are not likely to get COVID-19 – that's a lie."

* "Coronavirus is a new way to force vaccinations for people who don't want them – it is also a lie."

* "Children cannot contract COVID-19 – false."

Amris Harris said "Technology areas" need to work "to advance evidence-based information from credible sources and minimize the spread of misinformation."

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