Following the battle to avoid the Internet Children

She spent months incorporating tweens and teens, sitting next to them in their digital lives. They exchange messages with their friends, their love for strangers, being threatened, watching naked things and playing video games. The documentary shows children describing how they feel at the same time and are interested in, influencing and bringing back online services.

I was worried about some of their feelings, says Lady Kidron.

In 2014, Lady Kidron launched a foundation, 5Rights, to promote digital rights for children. But it felt frustrating for big tech companies. They struggled to deal with the problem after another one for kids on their site, she said, but it seemed they didn't want to make major changes to try to prevent such problems in the first place. She concluded that the only way to give kids more confidence, more independence and more control over their online experience is legitimacy.

In 2017, they proposed the idea of ​​protecting children's parliament as the parliament looga replace national data protection law. The law generally requested the protection of children’s information, but Lady Kidron pushed for that protection in detail.

In real life, "we have already decided that children have rights," Lady Kidron said. For me, it's just part of me doing the technique. ”

The proposed rules are called the & # 39; things like automation monitoring. They also will need the services to automatically eliminate techniques pushing children to stay online or companies provide more information than is needed.

The changes are being challenged by devices such as YouTube and Instagram, which say their services are not intended for people under the age of 13 – though tens of millions of children use them. English law applies to all online services, including social networks and messaging programs, most likely to have users under the age of 18 years.

Information agent Denis Denham admits she is disturbed by technology companies. "It is changing, at a systemic level, in how services are provided for children."