Frank Grillo & # 39; Fightworld & # 39; shows the real MMA video

Frank Grillo had a heavy bag in Beijing when he came up with the idea of ​​a new Netflix series Fighting. He lives in China while the film ends Wolf Warrior II-They went to earn $ 800 million in the box office – and translated competitively on the competition day event.

"The presence of a knee can be lifeless," Grillo told Sabahi Men's newspaper after completing a series of several rounds in New York 's Overthrow Gym. This is especially true if you are a type of actor who has always had two films and can revise a list of income Warrior, Captain America, Donnybrook, as well as a series of series Kingdom.

"You will introduce you to a new city and enter a guest room," Grillo said. "But I always knew that I could get the exercise in the community." Now when he comes to a new city, he makes the bags in the hotel, and he immediately finds a place to sway.

This has hindered the Hollywood future, not to say what helped him keep his body. However, in the same way, he also made true friendships and fighters from all over the world.

The time spent with these fighters gave the idea of ​​shooting radiation sheets on the root of Anthony Bourdain Unknown parts focusing on physical fitness, demonstrating his life with his wife Joe Carnahan and director of Padraic McKinley. The first season Grillo took over Thailand, Myanmar, Senegal, Mexico, and Israel.

The result is a beautiful and attractive appearance of five different cultures, all of which depend on respect for sports fitness, and according to Grillo, a good alternative than he thought.

How did you bring the exhibitions?

There was one of our board members chosen, and all were chosen for the purpose. We knew the first time we wanted to go to many historical places and stories we could tell. I do not have to remember what I wanted to be able to do with certain people with whom we talked. Some were connected to me as others, of course.

Frank Grillo
Michael Dumler

Where is he?

Well, first of all, I like the icons. That's my game. As he traveled to Mexico and saw Julio Cesar Chavez was a clear choice. I was forced to follow the Azteca stadium where he beat Greg Haugen for 90,000 people. He has not been there since his war. There were many ways of talking; He was made soft, and had such a long and inspirational skill.

What was the way to go to Israel to train Krav Maga?

Israel has changed my life. It is one of the most beautiful countries I've ever had. I was thinking about my head what would be. I was confronted by the soldiers there, especially private individuals, and they spent much time with their families. I think it's difficult to make your own mind, when you are in the midst of territorial states that focus on the destruction of the city. You can feel the conflict there. I do not care if you believe in God or not, you feel bigger. The city has a strong and challenging system around the Iron Dome. Tag Tel Aviv; It's like Paris and everyone has a good time, obviously they know. But that does not stop them from enjoying life.

Did you get a better understanding of where Krav Maga came from?

There is a tunnel on Gaza Strip that the enemies are trying to use to detect explosives. They use Krav Maga to fight the people of that hell. Not fighting the points; You are fighting for the lives of you and your family.

I've seen you walk more than just a new experience in Thailand. How do you like a new tattoo? What encouraged you to have?

I saw all the players fighting for this beautiful shirt and I knew I needed myself. We have already had a lot of tattoos but getting tattoo there is another type of experience. I was sitting here, eating a leafy leaf. The cost is everything he wants, he may want money, cigarettes, whatever else you own. There is a lot of fun in this process, and he never leaves his place. When it was done – I even did not even see tattoo – he bowed to me and hit me with this camel sword.

Frank Grillo
Michael Dumler

How did you feel the first time you saw it?

I went back so I got another man. I am big in balance when it comes to my moisture, so I do not feel right until I find the second. So it's not just training with Bucharest, who could be the biggest warrior who ever lived in Thailand, but I also got two major components.

There is strong force Anthony Bourdain feels this way, and I can see he enjoys the show since Jiu Jitsu acts.

Anthony Bourdain is my legendary and inspirational. My dream was to follow me at our episode in Brazil, since he learned of BJJ. I know my limits, so I never seek to be Bourdain. His character is very strong, he has been able to target and always show, and works better. We did not believe it would be the best we can show you. I wanted to tell the stories of these people, among these fighters, the real story.

How do you react to these powerful connectors when you start a new exercise for the first time?

I mean not to go where you are looking for friends, but you're starting to beat. People can hear sounds; They can tell you if you have already cast a finger. Obviously they know you are from town, so they ask where. All unexpected talks were started. Each person goes to finish their meetings but then someone speaks about drinking alcohol. That's where I want to go, not some of the hotel pool. They will become a guide to the best of their city.

Why did you especially come to fight?

I was always there. I was always looking for someone. It's one of the reasons I train as hard as I do, and I've learned a lot about my own skills. We need to be respected. This was the first time I felt like I was in the world and I could help people and lead the good direction.

What was the answer to the series so far?

I can not even begin to explain how well the answer was, people from all over the world. It's a deeper answer than I've ever seen before. I will be honest, and that makes me want to do something. I was wrong, it was fun to do Cleaning, but at the end of the day there are not many things to do to work the same way. Now I find emails that these people will just start tears.

Where do you want to go to a second season?

I want to return to Brazil and make the right action. We have been training the Gracie family, who really founded BJJ, so it is a relatively close contact. I want to go to Uzbekistan, one of the places in the area of ​​the war in their culture. I would also like to go and do PATIENT SEALS culture. I would like to learn Silat. There are a lot of myths, and I think the world needs a lot of stories.

The war is now in Netflix. Q & A is made clear.