G.O.P. He is watching the "Trump & Playbook" program as the Best Predicted Citizenship

A large event in the local rural areas, where the party successfully wins success, the message is bad.

In Minnesota, the party advertisements such as the National Leadership Board and the National Committee of the Republic of Tajikistan are trying to contact Mr. Hagedorn's opponent, Dan Feehan, people and the subject matter of the experts showed danger, like Mr. Soros, recorded in anti-hate attacks; Mr. Kaepernick, a famous footballer who was famous for the role played during the national anthem; and now the journey.

One, a visual image seems to show Mr. Feehan, a military officer, spoke on Mr. Kaepernick. It also shows Mr. Kaepernick along with two other people called & # 39; conservatives & # 39; – Nancy Pelosi, House Democratic Leader, and Keith Ellison, a black and Muslim Minnesota resident, are now facing charges of abusive conduct following a national defense lawyer. Mr. The facial expression appears on the screen, and announced intones, "It is one."

Advertisements like these have been recorded at the 12,000-square-meter farms and small towns regularly, which makes the Republican politician the most active political science advocate for racist and anti-racism appeals. the trumpet president of Trump and many Republicans use it to make joint elections.

The first part, which is about 90 percent clear, is suitable for public features in many areas. Trump is dominated by republican campaigns that do not want a wide range of districts. According to Mr. Trump 'national vision' Some of the Republicans believe that they will be able to maintain their momentum at Trump as a tough and heavily dependent on the mainland's most famous and riot

Jason Hulburt, an inspector of Albert Lea, said he plans to vote for Mr. Greene. Hagedorn on Tuesday, prefers why he thinks he is Mr. Trump has the same Republican Congress.

"Donald Trump knows what he wants, Democrats are afraid of Trump issues," said Friday evening when he finished product and water Eddie, a local bar. "They are afraid to hurt the people. Trump is not afraid."