GA8 M&M planes fly after Australia, the EU taking residence orders

Flight managers in Australia, New Zealand, and the European Union have lifted orders on a GippsAero GA8 aircraft after the first results of an investigation into a crash in Sweden that killed nine people, authorities said on their website.

The Australian Aviation Safety Agency (CASA) says the cancellation of the alert has triggered initial information that the plane had crashed.

However, it has since received information that there was no evidence of a plane crash, she added.

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) said CASA informed that inspection of the crashed aircraft showed that it was exposed to high air pressure outside the certification range.

In a statement, Graeme Harris, New Zealand's civil aviation manager, said travelers, pilots and pilots on the affected 21 aircraft could be assured that concerns were expressed after the incident was resolved.

We will continue to monitor investigations into GA8 accidents and will take appropriate action if security issues become clear, ”he added.

The GA8 risk generator is manufactured in Australia by Mahindra Aerospace, Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M) departments, and 63 of the 228 aircraft worldwide are registered in Australia, CASA says.

Keith Douglas, chief executive officer of GippsAero Group, said the company is happy with customer support and action in case of safety issues.