Gareth Bale on for Real Madrid fell passion Vinicius Jr.

"Bale es fantastico", interim coach Santiago Solari said, but still left the game in the 71st minute at Real Valladolid on Saturday.

Madrid were drawn to a 0-0 draw at home to the Santiago Bernabeu, looking for something like Ballonini's number 11.

He left the supporters even if Solari, possibly deliberately playing, refused to convert directly to Vinicius Junior.
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However, the 18-year-old came back two minutes later and made a change, his left thigh was missed by Real Madrid.
"Another day, Gareth will score," said Solari. "Everyone will celebrate."

But the quickest-hit Bale will return to Viktoria Plzen's Champions League on Wednesday.

Vinicius's support is too high, Bale is considered to be a standstill. "Vinicos beat Bale for trouble"

One week to stay at Real Madrid, Solari is facing the most troublesome problem in the way Bale is currently the best.

This season, including injuries and Cristiano Ronaldo, has started well, with four goals and two assists in his first six games.

However, the increasing problem last month, along with the club's Julian Lopetegui, has hampered his performances. He returned but yet he was not fully fit. His character is missing the corner.

However, Bale's time has changed since it was a bit strange, but at least because of the money they bought it often comes to Madrid's attention.

In the last 9 games, Bale has been omitted from seven times and five of the players when the club were looking for a goal. Given the 0-0 draw at Atletico Madrid, the injury was replaced. The other four teams – Athletic Bilbao and Valladolid, and Barcelona and Alaves – because they have not been confirmed.

Callers Vinicius to take over Bale may forget the 24 goals of Welshman last season 41 times. Two of them won the Champions League final in May.

Vinicius, who signed Flamengo for € 45m in the summer, is a top-quality player, but appears to have appeared in Real Madrid since playing since August.

"Players can not fight what is happening to them," Solari said. "The media, the fans, are happy with Vinicius, and it is fantastic, but it looks as though it's weak and at the same time.

If Solari thinks that the chances are that he is worth it, the Brazilian might be able to join the three-man Bale, rather than the one.

Benzema has also been cut off, but it plays the role of attacking attack as well as for everyone. Marco Asensio, who is against Valladolid, has been in stable position while Isco is still recovering after surgery.

Finding the right balance, from Bale, is likely to be the top of the Solari.

The Copa del Rey winner of Melilla, who plays at the third tier of Spain, four of Real Madrid's five goals, came from left-back, central defense and personal goal. "It's a terrible thing to go through," said Sergio Ramos on Saturday.

President Florentino Perez's side will remain in the January transfer window, especially after UEFA banned the club from competing in the European competition. Harry Kane, Robert Lewandowski or Eden Hazard are not pre-contracted.

But Solari, right now. Beat Plzen and even draws for Celta Vigo at the weekend could be available until the end of the season.

Unlike another possibility, Perez would have been better if he could look back in the summer, as long as Solari could continue as long as he could. To do that, he'll need a goal, and Bale.