Gay Puerto Rico – 9 LGBTQ Things to do in Puerto Rico for travelers

All the Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico is one of the most admired sites and LGBTQ-friendly. In the United States, which has not implemented, the same sex marriage has been introduced since 2015. More than three million people, Puerto Rico has many lesbian, lesbians, bars, and attractive attractions for visitors. There are also two different types of nature each year on the island!

Most Puerto Rico's unique map and LGBTQ activities fall into the San Juan-Puerto Rico capital. Because of its people, the urban populations and the majority of neighborhoods, it is one of the best places to visit the LGBTQ traveler.

Gay Puerto Rico - 9 Things to Do #puertorico #gaytravel

Because of Puerto Rico's Catholic traditions and history, major cities may be the safest and most comfortable places for sex trips and LGBTQ for other people. But other parts of the island, including Cabo Rojo west, and where Vieques Islands outside the eastern coast is also known as LGBTQ.

9 Gay & LGBTQ Things to Do in Puerto Rico

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1. Stay in the LEVT with Coqui del Mar

Gay Hotel San Juan

The guest house (also 420-friendship) is located in the Atlanta neighborhood of San Juan, one of the archipelago of San Juan. Because Coqui del Mar is LGBT-0wned, it is a very good place to start a flight trip to Puerto Rico.

Coqui del Mar has a studio and a fully-equipped vacuum with all the essential features of your home, plus some! Free WiFi, free parking, free rentals, TV sets, full kitchen, outdoor dining room, two barriers, and a hot tub! The magnificent glass of the home and friendly staff on the site, as well as the Ocean Park, makes it a great tourist destination for many days to really know about San Juan.

At Qoodee Hotel Prices at

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2. Visit during the San Juan Pride in Condado

Gay Puerto Rico

Along the first holiday in June, San Juan is a glorious party, San Juan Pride, a few weeks of events, special events, and shows. San Juan 's famous Calle Condado celebrates special events and events, but the beaches in Condado Beach (including the Atlantic Beach Hotel and the Oasis Bar) also host after events .

After Condado Pride in San Juan, Cabo Rojo Pride The event will expire at the end of the second week of June. During Cabo Rojo Pride, the sleeping town turns into the end of the weekend, which is a good experience from the Condado experience on the Sabbath.

The parties at San Juan Pride usually start on Thursday before Sunday. This year, even a weeklong event called & Weekly Activity Weekend & # 39; – Clothing to be displayed on holiday days & most of the time in San Juan Pride.

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3. Try Drag Bingo to win the sexual assault

Boogo Sano Sano

San Juan is famous for its popular popularity Circo Bar"Unfortunately there is a club in Calle Condado. It is very popular for tourists, but do not worry because the locals are showing it!

Circo Bar hosts Russian Drag Drop the party's particular view of the weekend is the dance night with some of the top DJ's in the city, but Thursday night is also a good night to visit. Every Thursday, the Circo Bar hosts Drag Bingo during what you can achieve with the games and other exciting features. Buy every purchase, you will get the bingo board to see the first and many drinks you have, the many chances you can win!

Bingo Drop is invented both in English and Spanish, so it is good for tourists – and a happy chance to watch with local people.

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4. Weekly party meetings on student clubs

Queer Bars Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt is smaller than the south, close to the San Juan camps in the camps of Condado, Santurce, and Ocean Park, but every Thursday night live in LGBTQ city. Because of the extremely low cost of drinking and lifestyle, it is particularly popular among students in San Juan. Bars El Cojo, The A Pedir De Boca, and La Esquina de Polo all of which are located on the corner of A Ave Eleanor Roosevelt and Calle 12 de Octubre.

Each one of the barkers comes out of the streets – especially in good weather-and cold drinks to great places to start at night, 9 or 10pm before going to the other evening club. The corner point is also marked Nutrition, is particularly popular with women.

This is the beauty of the rich and lesbian women, and because you are too long from the center of San Juan, you may not get many tourists in the area. It is a real concert story with lots of fun and dance performances in dancing; The best chance to cover the residents.


5. Do not miss Monday unfortunate Monday!

Coqui del Mar host will host Puerto Rico first Naked Monday from May 30 to June 3, 2019 – on the annual holiday of San Juan. Home host of men is the best place to stay during the Pride of San Juan for sports equipment and clothing of events planned in the sun each day during Pride.

There will be a BBQ Pool Party with live DJs and other sexually-planned activities scheduled for the day. Welcome reception, summer intervention, and other hygiene will be provided during the designated time limit.

The directories of Coqui del Mar during San Juan Pride to access all its precious parts, including the naked events of Sunday.

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6. Make Gay Beach in San Juan on Sunday

San Juan Gay Beach Condado

In San Juan, there are two soft beaches. The most popular is Atlantic Beach of Condado, which is especially homosexual on Sunday 11am. Friends groups, LGBTQ families, and tourists fly to the beach on Sunday.

San Juan is another animal shaft Ocean Beach Beach before Numero Uno Guesthouse. It could be a little behind after Saturday night, according to staff at Coqui del Mar. Apart from San Juan, the natural beach lies about 40 minutes west of Cueva las Golondinas.

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7. Enjoy tiki cocktails at Jungle Bird

Jungle Bird Hipster Cocktail Bar

The San Juan district in the suburb of Santurce is one of the most active in the city. It is a popular place with a lot of bars and clubs taking over the La Placita circle that trim the pedestrian area. Road food, dance, and cheap drinks are usually usual – and very much!

But the corner of La Placita is super-hypster Jungle Bird Tiki has a fun and fun atmosphere, and details of cocktails, makes it safer and off the road. Outdoor dancing is particularly popular in a group of friends. It is one of the best in cocktail.

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8. San Juan's party of homosexuals and clubs each week

Gay clubs in San Juan

San Juan is an exciting night, most of which occur Friday and Saturday and the Calle Condado Road in the gay community. Circo Bar it ends at the end of the weekend and catches some of the biggest night of the day, so really enjoy the life of San Juan at night, start elsewhere in Circo.

In the Circo framework, you will find it VIP– Small clubs, around and around SX Club. In the bottom part, SX is a natural club that meets sometimes. Return cash.

Condado escape from Condado, Forestry Plant is out of the hipster of Calle Loiza (where you will find many restaurants and bars). Dietary Food, Waiting Waiting hosts hosts photos and most people are usually sleeping in the first night of this week.

For club members and current listings, check with locals. There is not a lot of resources, unfortunately, but I realized that I'm lucky to have a lot of luck helping me point out the right direction for the best parties.

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9. Eat night routine in El Local

LGBTQ Bar in San Juan, Puerto Rico

One of the most exciting life stories in San Juan is Hold the area in Santurce. It is one of the largest LGBTQ sites with weekly exhibitions (including retired guitar) and sometimes occasionally. It's a friendly and friendly place with cheap drinks in a charming place. It feels a lot of home parties, making it even realistic because of the consumer and the mirror mirrors that show LGBTQ's sales.

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Puerto Rico is a great place. LGBTQ has been popular for many years, with close proximity to the United States with a great aviation capability, and a rich cultural tradition. Shops, lots of gay bars, and friendlies make even more welcome.

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