Gayle Amsterdam – LGBTQ Weekly Guide for Advice and Advice for Girl Dressing

Slim, colored houses, many bicycles in the studio or sitting in the cafeteria, thinking about the soft water movement of the channel. There are many such photos in Amsterdam, and the city is no doubt about one of the largest LGBTQ-friendly countries in Europe. Amsterdam is a modern, modern city, a traditional town, and some say, and some of the world's best in the world.


Things to do

Amsterdam is particularly popular in the Red Light District with a sexual pleasure contract or coffee shop with delicate layers and hallucinogen plants. But outside of the humanitarian climate, Amsterdam is a lot of stress and a place where it always does.

Travel Tips for LGBT Amsterdam
Amsterdam has hundreds of city channels throughout the city

Amsterdam neighborhoods

In fact, most of the city's life is happening outside. Go ahead In Jordaan, for example, to find out about retail stores, street art and big coffee (especially meals, try the apple test). Another option is to take over Westergasfabriek, a former factory building for art galleries, shops and restaurants. The De Pijp neigborhood, and Albert Cuyp's cultural market, invite the visitor to experiment with new popular foods to the old skins and skins.

And north of Amsterdam, A Neighborhood Neighborhood It's a unique and heart-healthy heartbeat. East, Oost Amsterdam The neighborhood is a new city in a charming city – a great spot with many restaurants and a range of budget hotels.

Pass through Jordaan and De Pijp neighborhoods to find out about the ancient shops and other interesting buildings

Many things to do in Amsterdam ….

Welcome to the regular bike ride by renting one and driving around with lots of parks, and both Vondelpark and Frankendael Park provide a very good visual impression, whether it's a visual or shared Instagram.

In large and large areas, some of the conditions are: Of course, Van Gogh's Museum and Rembrandt House are on the top of every travel guide in Amsterdam, and Rijksmuseum is my best imagination in the arts of Dutch art. Those who are interested in learning the tragic events of Europe's history, Anne Frank Museum is a place for peace, hatred and war politics.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
In the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum where you will find the master's masters in Holland, especially Rembrandt

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He also encouraged the WWII conflict, Homomonge reminded people of the LGBTQ who lost their lives in the hate and pet campaigns. In fact, local residents and tourists bring flowers to show unity and LGBTQ issues. In early August, when in Amsterdam Gay Pride, Homomonument is also a celebration, with a large number of cinema, gay boys, musicals, magazines and beauty salons.

Amsterdam Homomon
Amsterdam Homomonas is a unique and significant place in the history of LGBTQ

Where's Food, Drinks and a Party?

Amsterdam homosexuals are very well orientated on one street in the city, Reguliersdwarsstraat, where some famous city bars are located. Sexual shops and some other homosexuals are located inside and around Red Light County, often Warmoesstraat– Follow the sunblock. 🏳️🌈

Spijker Bar, in Kerkstraat, is considered
The most important children in the A & # 39's friendship, because they share music with good
with the table, garment, and fire table. Small food, they hit one of the favorites
for the local and the host, PRIK
in Spuistraat, a place where they often host DJs and many others

Amsterdam Gay Pride 2014
Amsterdam Pride Gay

It is also great with DJs and regular newspapers, Queen's Headlines in Zeedijk is one of the most popular homosexuals, and offers an amazing view of Amsterdam's famous milk. Those who want to play and enjoy music scene, both Church and Club NYX hold appropriate, and coming out at night to e fetishka topics. (Visit ChUrch's most popular Thursday evening famous tourist.

Jordans neighborhoods are famous for their food and you can
See every tradet: Hindi, Italian, Spanish as well
Dutch diets are among the many choices, fast foods, nuts
and gourmet. Walking distance from Red Light District, Chinatown
Amsterdam is another valuable site for visitors, mainly Chinese, Thai
and Vietnamese restaurants, which is the best place to find green spaces,
crude oil and ducks. Chinatown is also popular for tattoo rooms,
acupuncture and Buddhist temple.

food in amsterdam

Fast food is also popular in Amsterdam, and you can enjoy rusty cheeses and fine meat and nearly anywhere in the city center, both locally and tourists regularly visit sports bars for cheap chips and football in the United States. Coco's Outback (Australian sports Thorbeckeplein) and Smoking Smoking Standards stand for the recognition of your food crimes.

Volkshotel Amsterdam - Walkman Adam

Amsterdam Hotel

One of the most popular Amsterdam hotels is not the exact location of the city – but that's fine. In the Amsterdam suburb of Oost, Volkshotel is a viable option, available and remarkable. And even easier because there are many things to do at the hotel itself. From the point of the court (with a beautiful view of the city marked with signs), the lower chamber of the building, and a restaurant in collaboration with the local staff working in-there is little out looga Volkshæl. Plus: the rooms are beautiful, too!

HotelTonight Review: Room Mate Aitana in Amsterdam (cold & simple construction)

Another major election in Amsterdam – especially those who want to move to the city center – is Room Mate Aitana. The hotel is located in a short walk (less than 8 minutes) from the center of the city, and is a unique homosexual option. The Maste Mate Hotel is famous for its LGBTQ-affiliate and close collaboration with the LGBTQ initiatives. Room rooms Room Mate Aitana Hotel all are specially designed, making it an attractive option for the beautiful Holidays in Amsterdam.

Haga Amsterdam Hotels

Amsterdam is one of Europe's most popular destinations in Europe. And many LGBTQ stuffs to see and do-from the historic & # 39; legendary nightlife & # 39; – is one of the most popular cities on Saturday. Read more about the trip to Amsterdam here on the immigration blog.

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The 10th Anniversary of Amsterdam

  1. Visit during super class & entertainment Milkshake occasion
  2. Scrub down Reguliersdwarsstraat
  3. Join Join Canal Pride evening during Amsterdam Pride
  4. Respond to LGBT victim victims in the history of history Homomonument
  5. Take naked (or half-naked) Church Club on Thursday night all night
  6. Do not miss Amsterdam game In October, for gay couples
  7. Get LGBTQ travel tips (and homosexual maps) Amsterdam Pink Point (opposite Homomonnim)
  8. Buy fishing equipment and sexually-charged clothes at Red Light District
  9. Visit the grocery store Vrolijk (books & films) but Gays and Gadgets (fashion & accessories).
  10. Look at most popular Amsterdam stars, Sauna Nieuwezijds (around the Centraal Station).