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Ecobee, a home-based device such as ecobee4 smartphone, sells a flicker today to celebrate the Amazon Alexa's fourth birthday. If you have the idea of ​​introducing your home in the 21st century, it's now the best time to make the change: The integrated integrated ecobee4 + Switch + switch light on the Amazon and ecobee page but only today.

Ecobee4 can detect the temperature in many rooms and even go to the best of cooling and cooling. It also comes with a handshake app to control your home's temperature while you are away from home.

Replacement + replaces a standard wall switch and makes your lights lighter: The tool will automatically turn your light on when you go in or out of a room. After ecobee4, both work in tandem to manage the hot and cold areas of your home. Plus, both ecobee4 and Switch + combine to Alexa, which means you can tell them to play music, get news and even buy food – without any additional equipment.

Ecobee4 typically sells $ 249, but you can get up to $ 209 today; The key can only be $ 79 (usually $ 99). Both items were deducted from ecobee and Amazon, and the sale last night is 2:59 pm. EST.