Gianni Infantino resigns of FIFA Code of Ethics – Report

FIFA chairman Gianni Infantino has broken the rules of the world's football laws, interfering with the conduct of the German ethics magazine Der Spiegel and the European Investigative Research Coordinator, an international media network, on Friday.

The FIFA Code banned or banned dozens of senior officials, including former FIFA president Sepp Blatter, after a corruption scandal in 2015, he thinks he is working independently in the soccer world football association. .

But Spiegel said the email was called Infantino Swiss, which replaced Blatter, following a change in the Code of Conduct including 10 years in the investigation of corruption and bribery.
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A spokesperson for FIFA said that there was no indication on the Infantino newspaper from the football referee regarding the restructuring of the code.
The Spiegel report was published in December 2017 by Infantino email from Vassilios Skouris, who took over from a FIFA referee after the Infantino presidential election.

E-mail Skouris submits FIFA Code of ethics to FIFA investigative journalist Claudia Rojas, says Spiegel.

Spiegel said Infantino responded a series of sequences after being described as the "very good".

Infantino's complaint is one of the answers, according to Spiegel, that he had been investigating several pre-matched football officials.

"This article has already been used" in Misdiagnos & # 39; in particular mediation, "Infantino wrote, addressing the media about the preliminary ethics investigation.

"It must be proved that only a preliminary investigation can only be carried out by the head of investigative investigations."

FAA code # 39;

When the Budget Code of Conduct for the Budget Reform is set out in June includes changes to the Infantino – the ability of the conductor to begin the preliminary investigation has been removed and the need for the commission investigator to allow investigation added.

FIFA's spokesperson said that Infantino's bill to replace Skouris was "natural".

"When UEFA Secretary General, Mr. Infantino was a member of the Referees Committee responsible for writing the revised FIFA rules in February 2016.

"According to his experienced lawyer, it would be natural to change the nature of Mr Skouris," said the spokesman.

The spokesperson said it was unlikely that Skouris, who led the European Court of Justice for 12 years, could be subjected to a change in the FIFA Technical Code against his wishes and said the revised Act was a great improvement in the previous version.

Infantino was the preliminary investigation by the FIFA's ethics committee on accepting private airports to visit the Pope Francis in Vatican, Vladimir Putin in Moscow and the Emir of Qatar.

Nonetheless, the Disciplinary Board decided in August 2016 that Infantino did not violate the rules and regulations of FIFA.

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