Golf BAM Model Design! Arquitectura

Golf House, built by BAM! The amazing architect Arenario Belen de Escobar, Argentina, is a luxurious apartment built and built by a businessman, who is at the heart of the mind!

In addition to the design of the home after a successful golf course with its leisure time, the Golf Golf designs have worked with another purpose: to explore the possibilities of the material and volume and create a space for a multiplication signal between the opposite sides. This led to a fantastic structure, as shown in the buildings, in the areas of heavy and lightweight, light and open, easy to operate and enjoyable, comfortable.

The general effect is the external shape that opposes its surroundings without your ability. This is a good thing since the Golf Golf, I'm not surprised, actually built on the natural grounds giving a beautiful view of the golf course with clean.

Although the tangible and intense physical presence of the pictures made by dense colors, direct lines, and cleaning, modern surfaces, the house does not feel cold or unlucky. On the contrary, the strong presence of internal and external nature provides a comfortable and relaxing environment. For example, a few bottles of glass are completely open, especially in the interior of the interior they bring to green areas full of light bulbs and light mirrors. This creates a space, limited restriction, and allows the ground to feel like dropping the structure of a beautiful way.

The upstairs wall of the home is located at the base of the base to allow visitors to take on new ideas, giving them a new perspective on the surrounding area. At the same time, the main structure of the building itself is not only the building itself, but the windows rely on the conceptual approach that focuses on their vision and allows them to appreciate the fascinating beauty of the green spaces and businesses around the house.

Each Golf Golf has been carefully designed, placed, and decorated. Designers say that the goal here was to create a sense of belonging to home as you walk; maybe one to cover the daily owner's experience. First of all, you are offered a solid structure with contemporary modern design and lightweight decorating opposite the front of the house. While you are going backwards, however, you see how the basic elements of the business of home and life are exposed to more open space with natural, natural, comparative nature and nature to simplify the hobbies and the life of a person when they leave the job.

This feeling of consciousness can be especially understandable if you feel emotive when you make your home. You will see how their structure and location are changing. Small light-colored screens, concrete areas offer large windows, many bright windows full of sunlight until you reach the back of the house. On the two sides, you are experiencing glass walls that decorate the natural sight that feels to feel at home. Windows provides you with full development!

Part of the reason why the modern homeowner does not seem to stop totally green and beautifully the shelter of materials used to build. Designers have been able to afford a home-decent system that allows them to leave things in the substance, such as weapons, wood, and bottles, almost pure in the country, making low repairs and interdependencies.

You may not be aware of the early juxtaposition but the concrete roof of the new concrete building can actually be around the circle! This is because it is built on the green environment, so it actually contributes to walking home. The "green" roof consists of the growing growing plants. This contributes to the production of oxygen and CO2 emissions as it protects against sunburn, reducing the temperature in the warm days, and provides a heat exchanger in the winter.

Photos: Javier Augustin Rojas