Golfo de Darien Project Reorganization Project by Cristobal Vial Arquitectos

Golfo de Darien House, designed to bring the life of Cristal Vial Arquitectos at the heart of Las Condes, Chile, is a jewelry complex that gives visitors a beautiful green golf view.

This project was one of the major repairs and expansion of the original premises built in the 1970s. The house was posted on Lasasses Road in Santiago, Chile. It is part of 25 single-home houses for integrated complexity. This was a creative idea at its time, because it has made good use of the available ground, a space for every home with two independent parks, created a chicken tree thanks to the direction of the plan .

Currently, Home Golfo de Darien and especially belong to a family with three young children who want to catch up with some position specific needs better. First of all, the design teams have reduced some of the skills that are included in the original home of all the different products that have been recorded in the natural and tiny natural nature of the landscape and are thankful for the weather and the time frame. This has reduced the building shortly and then gave it to many in the beginning.

On the other hand, the builders have built up the walls of the house that surrounded the surrounding area so that they can open a visual and visual landscape with a golf course in the suburbs where it is located in the house. This also increased the visible sky and the amount of natural light entering the yard at any time given. Removing casseroles and replacing with a separate disturbance wall to ensure that the home is maintained some your secret and you do not feel like being closed.

To increase the internal nature of the interior (as well as to leave the heavy construction of the concrete structure of the home), the designers have embarked in many beautiful designs. Some of the monolithic walls, such as one near the supermarkets, have also been replaced by a shiny shiny metal window, and felt at home with a wide range of air and space without a lot of things confidential private space such as bedrooms.

Because the home is not often cut off from the original original background does not mean that they no longer have space. The concrete textures from the home door and direct access to a new car park and a designated barbecue that is reasonably positioned to invite the presence of neighbors and guests, such as a public space.

In their new circle, the designers made the home a high quality and generally welcome them to their system. This has happened thanks to the installation of aerothermal aerothermal aerothermal aerothermal and radian hardware system, as well as thermopanel creams. This allows the house to heat and be able to operate without any impact on the surrounding area.

In private indoor plots, the house is located in a wooden house built around three different parts. The area combines wood, stone, mirror, iron, and touch, but also leads to a strong green presence, making it a modern-centered area, but also enters a green space around it home.

Pictures: Cristobal Vial