Google Walkout: Worker's Component Against Sexual Harassment

In the city of New York, more than 3,000 people gathered in a parked park and carried out signs of "O.K. Google, really?" Dublin, dozens filled the leg. In the Silicon Valley valley, thousands of thousands rushed to the offices of ordinary and exterior buildings and cried out: "Try to fight!"

Similar images have occurred in other cities in the world – from Singapore and Hyderabad, India, Berlin, Zurich, London, Chicago and Seattle – as Google staff took a petition on Thursday to protest the Internet ban on gender-based violence.

The protest was presented by a New York Times newspaper last week, showing that Google has paid millions of dollars for the prosecution of the men charged with misconduct, whereas they were silent in violations.

"I am here because you read the New York Times is a picture of a small part of the thousands of stories that we share," Meredith Whittaker, Google Google has helped streamline the process, said that many friends in New York. After announcing the "unjustified structure of non-negotiable" company, "protesters announced," Time has been lifted. "

Brenda Salinas, an employee of Google in London, did not work on Thursday due to injury but has expressed support for the process.

"Last week it was one of the most difficult weeks of the yearly Google, but today is the best day," she said. "I feel I have thousands of friends all over the world, including me, and I am going to create a culture where everyone is treated with dignity."

Ms. Salinas also said the contractual tenders were included in the demands of the organizers. "It is not about talking about technology enough," she said.

Claire Stapleton, YouTube's marketing director, who has helped Google launch a rally, said the number of employees coming out of the rallies has exceeded its expectations.

"We hope we have opened up discussions about the change in the shape here and elsewhere," she said.

In New York City, many staff members came from the office of Chelsea and met in park park. Some of the "Time Up Up" signs refer to the Hollywood movement against sexual violence.

"The time is that the sky is filled with the road, showing what is important and effective," said Nick Strohecker, a Google author who contributed to helping extremists.

The park is collected by crowded people. Opposition leaders stood in the seat to deal with the crowd through megaphone.

Demma Rodriguez, director of Black Googler Network, a resource group, said that Google was not equal for women, minorities and people with disabilities, which means that the company is on everyone's behalf.

"I'm tired," she told the crowd. "I will bring the consequences."

In Seattle, hundreds of people advertised near the Google offices. They have been provided with jackets and coins & # 39; Patagonia pufffer jacket with Google's logos, they have messages like & # 39; O.K., Google & # 39; & # 39; Do not be bad & # 39; which is a business stage.

Alice Lemieux, a Google engineer, encourages staff to continue organizing and delivering internal feedback. "The laws and policies are changing because of ours," she said.

One of the largest people was Google's Mountain View, Calif. Several thousand workers gathered around outside with signs of "Do not be bad, protect the victims," ​​Stand up "Fight back!" It's not clear whether they came back to work.