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Eindhoven is a city other than your list when planning a trip to Europe, as most people visit other cities in Holland, Amsterdam, Hague, or even Rotterdam. It's a kind of canteen and beautiful streets, with a cool and varied atmosphere. Eindhoven hotspot of creativity and creativity. And the arts and the art of modernism make a friendly atmosphere for all types of travel.

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Since the first time in Eindhoven, I fell to this love in this small town of Europe. It's comfortable, easy, easy to go about, and there are many beautifully designed and refrigerated cafe stores, affordable restaurants, and great art. I have been in Eindhoven for the past two years while under the Dutch Design Design – an annual event when thousands of artists, designers and creators go out to the city to find out what's the best in the world. It is always a great event and a sign that the city goes through it '.

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Find Eindhoven

It's an hour's Eindhoven train in Amsterdam, with trains around 25 minutes every day, every day. Here every day at the train station, you can find there and return (and where you like it) less than 40 € for the high speed rail service. But Eindhoven is also well connected to Europe as its airport is operated by hundreds of other European cities with a direct runway from budget lines such as RyanAir and easyJet.

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Things to do

The Eindhoven Division is Strijp-S district: the Philips Philadelphia's first home. Old centers and former warehouses have been transformed into local units through the local market, the arts and architecture (with art galleries as well as the wall!).

Strijp-S is one of the most important cultural districts Eindhoven-looga easily into the city center and a short bike, walk for 20 minutes, or 5 minutes of the bus fare. The site replaces the design of the garden in the fall during the week of the Dutch Project International Design and Design Project.

Van abbemuseum

One of Eindhoven's main cultural entertainment is Van Abbe's museum. Open to all kinds of publications (even at the internet distance), the museum regularly hosts travel and art shows that invite you to think of gender, diversity, and sexual orientation. When they visit, the guests are invited to wear colored colored and draining painting – a way to make the museum very interesting. The museum's library is beautifully decorated with large windows decorating with colorful art.

ehirhoven shop - kazerne

In Eindhoven, it is impossible to distinguish the creativity and the new nature of the city from the design of the attraction. One of the most popular attractions of this is Kazzer, a restaurant that changes its taste in terms of season time but not just for local residents and producers but also for the art of double art with local artwork. Kazer is at the same time as a laboratory, office, and a good food restaurant.

Do not miss the design of Piet Hein Eek (and the restaurant) just outside the city center.

Where Food, Drinks, and the Party

Eindhoven's capital is good for shopping, eating and cycling. You can sit at one of the many cosmetics restaurants, but Markt Eindhoven is often the best for visitors, young and sexy drink alcohol or beer and enjoy the sunny days of restaurants and bars around the mile . Pallaz is Eindhoven's most popular hobby, drinking and chat with residents, but almost near a restaurant, restaurant and upbringing Eindhoven is open to all kinds of people.

eindhoven restaurant - the food market in downtown

The Eindhoven composition is showing on every side of the city. Look for independent and technical personnel. Stadsbrouwerij Eindhoven and Van Moll are a great option for trying new techniques and buying home-made utensils. Do not miss Downtown Gourmet Market-food truck food from anywhere from Tex-Mex to pumps, as well as several inner interior space sites. (There is also a place to sleep in the winter.)

taco bell eindhoven

In a beautiful little room and bed, you will find lots of things at night by night. The city was even the first time in the Netherlands to get Taco Bell (did not judge), opened in 2017. However, the cafe restaurant offers a variety of sports with a variety of food.

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Calypso and Calypso Snow, located in the center of the city, is an affordable option during the day with a simple cafe and easy facilitation – and even in the evening, it changes events in parties, sometimes live music, and many residents.

eindhoven cafe - calypso

Where it is?

Steps from the Eindhoven Train Station, Hotel Hotel It manages many hotels around the world. Though provided by long-term housing for students, high floors also work in a hotel. The underground restaurant, bar, and café serves as a beautiful, fun party with lively and lively architecture in the design of the product. Rooms are simplified and can come with a condom that is available in the free room. Although the Hotel Student Hotel is good for travelers, it offers exciting exciting weekends.

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The Glow Hotel Eindhoven It is a small hotel in a central hotel in the city center of the city, the distance to the main vicinity and even near the hotel of Kazerne and the swelling. Although there is no visual café, the restaurant has a breakfast on a daily basis and a beautiful view from the city center.

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New Hotel Experience Experience Hotel NH Collection it offers unusual wealth with scary ideas and good rooms. In the city, it is best to reach the most beautiful places. Rooms are in the bottom of the windows. Corner rooms are particularly good in designing glasses, and the highest floor is a café and bar with 360-degree views.

eindhoven hotel - nh collection

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