Hanoi hosts hosting F1 2020: Officer

Hanoi will host the competition & # 39; Formula One & # 39; in April 2020, local officials said Thursday, for the first time in the national nation of South Asia where the competition is still a competitive match.

The contest will be hosted by the capital of Vietnam, as it is known as the tourist resort & # 39; In the coming week, the Hanoi People's Board said the invitation to the event.

"The Hanoi City has succeeded in ending the partnership to become an official host of the FIA ​​Formula 1 World Cup (beginning in April 2020)" read the letter.
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The officials said early this year that they supported the idea of ​​hosting the competition, but did not demand government funds to pay.
"Prime Minister said that if Hanoi is hosting, the budget should come from the private sector," Mai Tien Dung, head of the government office, said in August.

He added that advertising revenue from the incident could be "great" and could possibly cover the cost of the incident.

Officials first considered hosting Hoan Kiem around the Quarter Old Quarter, but decided to host near the airport on the streets of the city.

F1 CEO Charlie Whiting told reporters in October that he had visited Hanoi and is confident that the round will be ready for the time of 2020.

He said most of the competition will be in the streets but some parts will need to be built, according to Fox Sports.

"This should not be a problem based on past experience," he said.

Formula One ranks can be very valuable and they see it as dangerous as hosting cities such as Hanoi where the competition is still out in general.

Although unusual and illegal racing motorcycle racing, and the offroads competition, began to win in Vietnam, in the last few years, Formula One has never had any of the sports fans, most of them it's football.

Vietnam will be the third South Asian country host country & Formula One & # 39; in the history of Malaysia and Singapore.

Hanoi will be the second Southeast Asian country to host 2020, Singapore and Singapore.

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