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Depending on the type of integration or viewing of new situations Agatha Christie # s Poirot On PBS, well, let's just say I'm David Suchet is a better company. If you are like me, you are confident in your own time. But we also need to understand the problem we face when it comes to long-term health. Research continues to show that intermittent interaction can reduce the risk of heart disease, depression, and early death.

But what if the community is not yours?

Things are a person who loves and focuses on the ideas and feelings of the inside. Unlike the environments, which rely on energy negotiation, the slowdown most often relies on energy conditions in the community. After a large group of people, intercourse often feel the need to repeat their time alone.

Although the nature of the more serious ones, not to pose a high risk of complications associated with the decision & # 39; doominta, should strive to continue to be with other people to certain standards, according to Dr. Steven Schlozman, a Harvard-affiliated psychologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital. "You do not always have to be an extra community if you do not miss, but human is a natural social nature, and we really do things well when we're in contact with other people, even in short periods."

Find opportunities for community partners working with your individual

Do not feel that you have to change your character to get more community. In fact, it is almost done. Many studies have shown that the main features of the person seem to be consistent throughout life. "If you are a young boy, when you are young, you can lessen your life," said Dr. Schlozman. It suggests that instead of fighting your personality, working, and focusing on the nature and the level of integration you can do and enjoy. "Was it once in the early evening of the night, or was it part of a group that did not look at the focus? When you can describe the types of interactions, you can develop strategies that you can achieve. The purpose of sharing your community is to make sure that you are satisfied with the level of operation and that you have the opportunity to return or do something else if you are not sure, "said Dr. Schlozman. Here are some tips:

  • Know your limits. You may enjoy social space with the beginning, middle, and ending definitions. Researchers often enjoy not knowing when something is happening, and these borders help them get into the conversation.
  • Control the site. If you go out it is not easy, people will come to you. For example, someone invites you to dinner at your home, or a small group of watching the game. This allows you to control your own as well as the size of the community.
  • Focus on activities. Enrolling in the local classroom or community center can help you train your energy and attention attitudes rather than talking to others. "Sometimes it's just around the people," he said. Schlozman.
  • Join a group. Find a organization based on your own interests or hobbies, such as the golf club, civil society, or volunteer group. "It is often easier to interact with people who share your love," said Dr. Schlozman.
  • Watch a distance. Community Media is another way to keep it locked. For example, Facebook has unique groups of activities or interests that people can join and participate at any level they want. You can watch a distance away from you when you get together, go to and go as you are happy, without worrying. In the record, I tell Facebook that there are a few fan pages Poirot.