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Each person receives occasional headache. Headaches can also follow specific patterns. (Mine normally hit the clock if I miss my cup of coffee in the French coffee cup.)

But when is headache anxiety?

"Many bruising headaches are not dangerous and can be treated with them," said Dr. Elizabeth Loder, head of headache at the Harvard-affiliated Brigham Division and Women's Hospital. "However, you are aware of the features of various types of headache can help you to know if your headaches are serious and need medical treatment."

Headache & # 39; know-how & # 39;

There are three types of headaches: headache, pain and aches. Look here for each one.

Tough. This is the most common type of headache. A common attack raises anger and outrage on both sides of the rape. The shoulders and neck are even painful. Episodes can last 30 minutes to seven days.

Although due to uncertain headaches, it is anxiety, fatigue, and sleeplessness.

The good news is that you can treat many types of blockage for OTC pain, such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) or antibiotic anti-inflammatory, such as aspirin, naproxen (Aleve), or ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) . You can also try warm, mild or light food.

Migraine Migraines are very severe and may be very hard. The pain is usually found on one side of the head, starting from the eye and the temple and spreads to the back of the head. The problem can last up to four to 72 hours.

According to Dr. Loder, one way to remember the emoticons is the word & # 39; POUND & # 39 ;:

P: pain relief
O: One day for unplanned attacks
U: one side (one side) pain
N: Nausea and vomiting
D: Stopping depression.

Even though the migratory can hit a warning, it may or may cause serious problems or worsening, such as high noise, bright light, or strong odors. For some people, attacks are a few hours of tiredness, disappointment, and anger.

About four quarters of people with syphilis are often more likely than before and a single, light bulbs or light bulbs, numbness or tinging are normal. This usually appears on the side of the body, usually on the face or hand.

If you have already tear up, you may be able to control OTC pain. If this does not help, or if your pregnancy becomes severe or serious, ask your doctor about specialist drugs. Common opportunities include travel, such as rizatriptan (Maxalt), sumatriptan (Imitrex), and zolmitriptan (Zomig). These are available for pills, nasal spray, or needles that patients can give themselves. Triptans usually provide complete assistance within two hours. Other medicines – and even botulism needles – can also help, as well.

The group. The computer's headache is five times more commonly caused by men. The type of headache causes its name because they come in their rash; for example one to eight heads a day over a period of one to three months and may start again each year.

The pain is so severe and it is always hit by the side. The headache slowly starts from 30 minutes to one hour, on average. Likewise, eye contact with the pain is like redness and water, eyes often appear and his noseblea is removed. Most people become unstable, anxious during the attacks, and nausea and sensuality and sounds are normal.

Unfortunately, OTC medicines usually do not offer much, if any, help. Higher doses of oxygen are effective if they are taken during the pain. A few drugs can help slow down the time of attacks. For example, sumatriptan can usually provide immediate relief, especially when an injection is given, but the anesthesia or legs can also help. Contraceptive medication & # 39; galvanezumab & # 39; (Emgoldness), used to prevent muscle weakness, is now the FDA-approved to reduce pain & headache & headache.

Other types of headache

Headaches can also cause conditions or conditions. These are usually short and easy to treat. For example:

Sinus Headache Inflammation of the lungs can lead to eye diseases, nose and eyes, back or upper teeth. When the infection resolves, pain relieves it.

Drowsiness. Some people develop a headache, a fast headache when eating or drinking cold. The pain usually disappears within a few minutes. If this is a common problem, try to warm the cold mouth of the mouth before swallowing.

Headache Challenging exercise may sometimes lead to headaches. Make sure you rinse well before and after exercise. The anti-inflammatory OTC antibody also may be helpful.

When you are worried about headaches

Most headaches respond to self-care, pain relievers, or your doctor's prescription. Some headaches, however, are best suited to seek medical advice right away. Warning signs include headaches that:

  • it is unusual or too severe
  • He follows a head span
  • There is also a fever, neck stiffness, confusion, a quiet or memorable decline, or a nervous system such as appearance changes, speech impairments, weakness, nausea, or dry.