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It's a very nice week game playing basketball games for friends. Take a bluetooth screen, screw your two points, but keep your right leg up. You feel sudden illness and stop playing. After resting, you may feel swollen and difficult to walk, so go to the nearest emergency clinic. The doctor comes to see you, teach yourself, and then present the patient's health, which moves towards the front of the computer. When the doctor begins to ask questions, the syrup begins to write.

Researchers are increasingly practicing in most doctors' offices. But what do they do, what kind of training they have, and what are they popular?

What are the medical ethics?

Scholars are doctors and other health care providers. Their roles include access to the computer's notes, including patient history, doctor's test results, test scores, and other relevant information about your care. Although the first author of the author is to put in medical documents, they may also be able to test the test results and help pay for faults and bills. The doctor is then responsible for carefully reviewing texts, fixing any errors or defects, and signing the texts.

Scholars are usually college or college graduates seeking additional health care before applying for a school or other graduation program; However, writing can also be a full-time job. They will receive training on how to write, as well as the application for health and billing laws. Generally, scholars do not have a health care provider training or certification. If you are not too well, a nurse, nurse, or other health professional should not give medical advice or give you care.

The sciences are members of the healthcare team, so it is in keeping with all the policies of the best and the most appropriate of their behavior. For example, scholars are kept at the same level to protect patients' privacy as other healthcare professionals. Trainings should be taught by the patient when they are in the room. If you are not satisfied with the stay of your stay during your visit, you should ask to see the healthcare provider separately.

What sciences do the public?

Medical research requires a large number of administrative tasks, including complete documentation of all patient visits. Since most American hospitals and doctors' offices have now switched to electronic papers, doctors will spend more time on a computer rather than a patient.

Adding a team clerk allows doctors to spend more time talking directly to the patient, while the clerk has the right to visit. Scholars are used in all care areas, including basic care offices, specialist offices, emergency care, emergency departments, and inpatient hospitals. A recent study conducted at the primary care clinic found that the reduction of the amount of time spent on electronic documents and the improvement of the doctor's and productivity in the work related to the use of medical sciences.

Future scholars

Today, scholars follow doctor and patients in the room. Individual scholars are also attached to logical stress, where the oven is not physically fit in the patient room. For example, doctors can use the device to conduct their interviews and patients' screening. Registration e-mail can then be lessons (which are outside), and then written into the computer. The new television video and eye mirror is also used to allow the clerk to see and write access to computers outside of the site. The latest technology contributes to allowing it to work in real time, asking questions from providers, and to make the articles quickly accessible. Importantly, in both cases, doctors are still responsible for the topic of the writings and should review and sign the texts.

US Centers for Medicaid and Medicare, which oversee federal health insurance programs, are now working to reduce the requirements for the billing document, which can help reduce the burden of the doctor's work. In addition, technology development is one day completely automated patient visits.

Meanwhile, scholars offer physicians the ability to focus on the integration of communication with patients and less computer.

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