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As a specialist for women, I spend days trying to find out about female genital mutilation. My patient arrives at my office with a wide range of issues, some of which can be included on the patient's patient address.

However, many women do not feel comfortable talking about exactly what's going on with them. My patient often tells me, "I have a problem." My job is to understand what it means, they will explain useful points about sex and women, and the ability to understand their bodies.

Watch anatomy

To start, we can identify and label members in "below." "Vulgar" refers to large dysfunction, kidney, and clitoris. Female genital mutilation is open to female genital mutilation. Nut is dependent on the cervix, which is located on the surface of the vagina and cervix. Oral bladder is the era of menstrual bleeding. During the birth, they are pregnant to allow the baby to cross the uterus through the vagina and the world.

Six general advice for mental health problems

Many women have never been taught how to treat vaginal dressings and care to protect the health of ulcers. Some of the most common issues that we treat, such as flour or gum irritation (ulcers in dhajiya hair red hair), can be avoided with good care and the normal rules.

  • If you are sexually active, check for STIs regularly, such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis. Implementing safe sex, using controlled methods such as condoms or dentures with each other, can help reduce the risk of STIs. Although antibiotics help with many STIs, some are exposed to their lives, such as herpes, HIV, and HPV. If you use pellets, cervical shoes, vibrators, or jewelry, wash before and after using warm water.
  • Wear cotton balls. I can tell my patient that the skin on the paralytic need a "breathing". When you are ready for bed, remove your clothes and wear a clay or short flower, or not lower. Even if you replace the new clothes in the bed before bed, the dress is a barrier to the prevention of skin irritation.
  • If you have sensitive skin or have eczema (which can affect the skin of the gums), avoid using your clothes in clear clothes or soft clothing. These products can irritate the skin. For women with special skin, I recommend that I avoid washing clothes and using the hypoallergen soap.
  • When you bathe, avoid using hot water and a special soap, especially if you have sensitive skin. Do not use hard material to clean the skin, such as sponge or bones. Never use a powdered powder, which involves research on cancerous rats.
  • Then prepare, take a shower and make an immediate change. Staying in clothing and harder clothing can encourage the growth of alcohol or rub your skin.
  • If you use tampons or pads, choose non-mold cotton products without mesh. It usually changes (about two to six hours). Do not close the paintings of painters every day, even even strangely distressed strains can cause itching if used daily.

Does the vagina need cleaning?

Nutrition has its cleaning methods. Usually, female genital mutilation (if you have not been infected, needs to be treated by your gynecologist or healthcare team).

What's the way it works: Cells placed on the bottom of the tube are cleaned in new stages to grow. Glucose (type of sugar) of fatty fats gives foam to normal vaginal fluids called & # 39; lactobacilli & # 39; Lactobacillic diphtheria is found in lactic acid, which creates an antioxidant environment that naturally protects the vaginal health. Anything that affects the natural balance between women, such as moisture, can lead to infection.

It is best to avoid all the marketing products to clear the vagina. Nutrition does not require cleaning or perfume. Remember, the subgroups of women will naturally shed some light on them. Also avoid clothing. These can break down the bacterial balance of the vagina or cause the complications of women.

If you think you have any mental health problems, it's best not to say and treat yourself. Call your gynecologist or healthcare team, and rate your symptoms.