Here is how it works by Daniel Craig & Training on & # 39; Bond 25 & # 39;

You can not stop James Bond, even an ankle injury. Actor Daniel Craig is struggling to recover from the injury he suffered when he shot Bond 25 Jamaica a few weeks ago, and he already seems to come back to full power.

The James Bond's account Post a picture of Craig in the gym, with the legs still on foot. Craig had already had an ankle operation after he jumped off at the last time Bond The film, despite his injury, will not be able to delay the film, according to the report Hollywood Report.

Craig 's appearance looks good as his ever-based image:

Who will be James Bond after Daniel Craig?

In recent years, Craig has made a variety of training and training in order to shape our bond, including Krav Name, kickboxing, strength training, plyometrics, and self-development in the region with training for a long time Simon Waterston to get it. Waterston worked with Craig all his life Bond films, including Royale Casino, The Quantum of Solace, The Skyfall, and Behavior, also worked with Bond, Pierce Brosnan, of many films.

Waterston, formerly British Marine Royal, has many experience with the A-list players and major producers, with training from John Krasinkski Jack Ryan a series (check it out Jack Ryan training here), Chris Evans for Captain America series, Jake Gyllenhaal's Prince of Persia, and Halle Berry on On another day. Waterston also worked with filmmakers such as Rogue One: Interview with Star Wars and Star Wars: The Power of Power.

Waterston and Craig have once again put together Bond 25, Based on the last picture, it continues and ever.

Bond 25 was set up in April 8, 2020.