Hipster Atlanta Guide – 7 Cool Things Made in Atlanta

I have been itching to visit Atlanta for years. Since the city hosted the 1996 Olympics, I have loved the city so much. The city has been at the forefront of several of the 20th the most important cultural movement of the century – ranging from the civil rights movement to hip-hop, and of course the center for the world's most popular soda.

Atlanta skyline

DONE – Atlanta is in a bubble, but at the same time is also called the "Capital of the South." It is the South, with all the South and its visitors, but also very beautiful.

In a culture that has flourished over the past decade thanks to the city and its labor force (including the growing film industry), there is a growing community of people who call Atlanta home.

Atlanta - 7 cool things to do in Atlanta for a trip to Hipster

Use this guide to discover some of the coolest places in Atlanta today.

7 of the Tough Things to Do in Atlanta

BeltLine & Ponce City Market

Road & # 39; BeltLine & # 39; it is a path that runs through Old Fora Ward on the old railway line, but today is a great place for Sunday hiking. You will find lots of wine beers, street art, cool shops, and a great many people watching along the way, including Ponce City Market shopping center and dining hall.

Many of the buildings on the railway line are still underway, but the restaurants and bars you can find along the way today are crowded on Saturday and Sunday. Keep an eye out for street art in the street. If or when it's too hot, just enter the Ponce City Market. The building was formerly a Sears, Roebuck & Co warehouse and showroom, and a playground prior to that.

straight belt in Atlanta

At the bottom of the Ponce City Market, you will find a large dining hall with great budget dining options. While in-store shops range from traditional to artsy, but the real highlight of the place is the rooftop terrace where you will find great entertainment and great views in Atlanta & # 39; s Old Fo fourth Ward. The rooftop terrace is also held for special events and holidays, especially during the holidays.

sister Luisa & # 39; s queer bar atlanta

Sister Louisa Church in the living room and Ping Pong Emporium

One of Atlanta's most unique bars, Sister Louisa & # 39; s it is a fun place with ques vibes. So much can dive into the hobby, and the second floor of the park has a table top for weekly competitions.

sister Luisa & # 39; s queer bar atlanta

At first glance at the park, what most stands out is the fun and interesting decoration. Stylized photographs, strange characters, and other metal objects hang from the ceiling and hang in rows anywhere on the wall. Everywhere a wall that is not covered by specific (and unusual) artists, is depicted in poetry and grammar.

Most of the art is predictable in connection with the church, and there is even a karaoke church on Wednesday night. Drinking beverages are cheap, the public is fun and friendly, and the vibe alone is good.

Fourth Power Club & Locker Club

It is located on Edgewood Avenue in the Old Fourth Ward, Atlanta area Fourth Part Four it was the city's first murder to be opened in almost 100 years. Started by two brothers, they use a locally advanced style to make vodka, eagle, and whiskey.

The retailer offers tours during the day, but on weekends (Thursday through Saturday), the blinds open to a talk club, called & # 39; The Locker Club & # 39 ;. In the early 1900s, at the time of Prohibition, the Locker Clubs were private alcohol-free clubs serving only members of the club – a unique Atlanta experience.

Alcoholic cocktail drinks with high quality, imagination, and also to use some combination of local, they stay with the company ethos.

touring the Atlanta movie

Travels to the Atlanta Film Festival

The revival of Atlanta's tradition of community rehabilitation is due to a number of factors, but the location of the city's thousands of films & TV series (whether explicitly or not) has certainly helped build the city's global reputation.

Since the 1970s, Georgia has been actively looking for movies & TV shows to be produced in the region, and the city is regularly featured on those. Not to mention celebrities who flock to the city to find work! Travels to the Atlanta Film Festival it provides a unique way to experience Atlanta using cinema lenses. Their visits (and plenty of them!) Visit visitors to theaters in the great Atlanta area of ​​the state, in addition to personal stories of instructions on the life of the film industry.

Some of the highlights of the tour include points from films & shows: Ant-Man, Miss Daisy's car, Captain America: Civil War, Vampire Diary, Hunger Games: Capturing Fire, Sully, Hunger Games: Mockingjay Parts 1 & 2, and Walking Dead.

Cocktails at Atlanta Botanical Garden

Located in Atlanta & # 39; Piedmont Park, the Atlanta Botanical Garden includes 30 acres of botanical exhibits and collections. It is open from in the 1970s, where the flat form of love and enjoyable experience nature looga City.

The summer, Thursday at the Atlanta Botanical Garden opens late in the Cocktails in the Garden – a night of live music and cocktail bars in the stadium. It is a unique and romantic way to enjoy the parks during the early evening. A current exhibit featuring large-scale plant-based industrial artists looks like inspiration Alice in Wonderland it is both beautiful and wonderful.

Eat & Drink
Trader Vic & # 39; s

The downtown Atlanta area is where most tourist destinations are located, and because it is also a business district, the evening can seem to reside in the area. But show it up Trader Vic & # 39; s Thursday night and you will meet a lot of people.

The main bar and restaurant was located in the basement of Hilton Atlanta. With plenty of space for visitors and a great bar (with a fireplace!), Trader Vic & # 39; s is a fun and relaxing place to meet your friends. The chain restaurant & bar says it is famous for being the original home of Mai Tai drinks. Working as an international restaurant since the 1930s, the bar includes several tiki-style beverages, each with its own glass.

In Atlanta, the restaurant looks and feels like a Pacific island. The palm tree trunks, wooden pillars, and ashes of the fire add to the fire – as well as the large fireplace in the fireplace. The restaurant dishes are all international, inspired by the Pacific Islands which Trader Vic & # 39; s takes his style.

American hotel

This historic Atlanta hotel in Downtown is a fun & fun place to stay, this is a perfect fit for both of them. and cool. The American Hotel was Atlanta's first modern hotel and the first downtown suburb in Atlanta during the civil rights movement. As an important venue, the hotel has hosted significant visitors throughout history.

Recently renovated, the hotel has been designed in a sophisticated and modern way. On the quiet floor of the hotel there is the Airstream trailer (open on Saturdays and Sundays) next to the swimming pool. Inside, in the 1960s the art and furniture of the house consisted of halls and communal areas. Black-and-white photos and letters from civil rights leaders scattered on the walls of the hall.

Staying at an American hotel is like going back in time. It sounds like a mid-century, but the hotel services are all very modern. The rooms are spacious, and those who look at the pool have balconies – perfect for the sun.

Check out the prices and see more photos of the hotel (and other Hilton Atlanta apartments) here.

Note: My trip to Atlanta was sponsored and supported Hiltons in Atlanta. All ideas here, as always, are my own.