HKS Office of Singapore by HKS Architects

The HKS office in Singapore is a very active, open space office created by the HKS Architects team. Located in Singapore, and offices have been built with modern equipment.

Usually, the shophouses of Singapore combine things like tinic shapes with foreign design patterns like Portuguese animals. They are archeological buildings in the world, primarily built between 1840 and 1960, making many clothing in Singapore cities. They are some of the first examples of "workplaces" in the country, often in the basics of business and family businesses in the above floors.

This social and economic history is one of the reasons why charcoal chose a particular structure. They wanted a special place in the city itself, and they realized that shoffouse had chosen to change it! Their unique results are located on the Dakhton neighborhood, one of the major historical cities in Singapore. The building was the right choice, because it has already been part of the traditional cultural, economic, and local economy, which facilitates the establishment of the company's philosophy, to be respectful of its neighborhoods are.

Because there are over 6000 individuals left in Singapore, these buildings are protected by strict laws for the purpose of protecting historical sites. HKS, therefore, felt they were having a great responsibility to make their kids look like green, looking for the best energy and energy in the country to minimize the impact of the building and the environment. This worked double because the designer designer planned to help increase the wellbeing of the staff in the finished product!

Now that it is finished, the HKS office in Singapore meets all of the protections of the history and influence of the environment, prioritizes the well-being and continuity of space and has an active, comfortable and friendly atmosphere. This helped to maintain a relaxed atmosphere, full-featured podcasts in books, special sites still available without interrupting links, and many jobs that facilitate communication and support both sides of the staff.

Given the decor, the office is light, natural, air, filled with natural sun. Some walls and windows are folded and outdoors, allowing employees to choose when they want to interact with each other or outside the world and when their work is beneficial and confidential. This will give you the feeling of fluid, the open space for people rather than the other way.

The color in the office only contributes to the atmosphere. While starting the white and black details, they have a professional position, and the balance is created using white red shirts, friends and shirt. In addition, green and vegetable life is included in rest, and include a safe environment. In the relaxation spaces of the room, for example, has a "living wall" made from green leafy plants!

Generally, staff working in these newly-opened offices are encouraged to eat together, work together, and enjoy even if they are in their work. HKS's main goal is to integrate the cultural identity of the city effectively and understand that their motives are important. She also understands the workplace and the quality of the space contact directly!

Photos: David Yeow