Hoaxers Breastfeeding Supplies and Surfing-Dog-Park Supplies

The newspaper, printed on Gender, Space & Culture, may well be successful. In July, after launching a New Real Peer Review, Twitter account for misleading research, the journalists began to move. This project was suspended with several documents still under review or published. The press release for the first time this week was the Op-Ed's Wall Street Journal, entitled "Fake News Comes to Academia".

Several of my non-duped journals have been producing papers that define frauds. Ann Garry, a temporary editor in Hypatia, a pragmatic philosopher and has not been published yet in the "At Chance of Mock" (Critical Minority Account), says it was "deeply frustrated."

"Judges have made a lot of effort and effort to recruit a helpful review, and the idea that individuals may submit wrong and inaccurate material to violate many moral and academic features," he said. said Ms. Garry, professor of philosophy at California State University, Los Angeles.

Nicholas Mazza, Professor of Social Work at the University of Florida State and the editorial board of the University of Medicine who accepted this article "Events of the Birthday and Spirituality: The Unmatched Compassion of the Feminist Life of Life" such as the "Open" feminist music, most of them younger generation youngsters "), said this article is based on the personal experience of the author.

"Although a valuable article is studying the facts of the writers, it should be noted that the authors of the study clearly explicitly investigate the defective and non-discriminatory research," Mr. Mazza

Some critics say that the magazine has successfully convinced the articles, only a few, including Hypatia, have a critical location. Most were in a variety of journals in high spaces, where there was little agreement on acceptable methods and peer review rates.