Home-filled door filled with CplusC Architectural Workshop with an indoor outdoor experience in mind

This green laneway planner in Canada Bay, Australia, designers and design teams from the CplusC Architectural Workshop recently completed a beautiful natural home project called Lighting Doors.

The backdrop of the Bedding Doors to the house itself is really a plus for a beautiful bungalow that already exists. The purpose of the order was to create a bit more variation in working with a family where the young people living in the home network can look for the natural light of the more useful in the home they had to pay.

The family first approached the design team with an application to help them expand their home in a creative way that might help them meet their growing and changing needs. The outdoor space in the backyard of the house is given the perfect opportunity to build a new creative space that is completely family-friendly.

The designers chose to use the new living space as a unique type of transition between the original home and the beautiful floor. In this way, parents can be offered a place with plenty of sun and air, but the simplest one is keeping an eye on small children inside, unlike a large garden.

The extension is built with the mind in mind; once the kids go indoors during the day, or while enjoying the aforementioned yard, they can also be easily converted into a place where adults can interact and have fun while keeping their children watching on TV or outside. . run for friends. Flexibility was key.

The theme of flexibility includes doors between the home and new spaces for transition as well; The expansion really got its name from the couple with two changing doors resting between the living room and fresh air. These can be tied to secrecy, stability, and weather protection or full openings are demolished to the walls to unify the living room with a total green beauty. Power makes the two points feel more vibrant.

The adjustable nature of the doors does not stop with its ability to open or close, depending on the time of year and the needs of the family. It also looga can partially or can be opened to control the type and amount of natural light and air filtering between the two, and when. This is thanks to the look of the doors, made from a mix of opaque, white, and cold glass.

While this particular structure may look very pretty (and no doubt), we are interested in the fact that it really has a very reasonable service as well. With the ability to increase or decrease while light and air travel in and out of the home, the family is provided with an environmentally friendly way to heat, cool, and cool the rooms. some in the house, and reduce the green structure. effects.

Speaking of green initiatives, it was as well clear priorities for the family to get to know their children, from the very young age, about food production and gardening, which is something that both parents are passionate about. That is why the designers helped them to understand and build beautiful, beautiful, and vibrant and vibrant gardens on one wall of the new outdoor courtyard. It is colorful, farm-wise, good for learning, and well-used for food preparation, and an opportunity to nurture children's sense of belonging to the home by providing easy access to plants and their farming system.

As with the decoration doors, the straightforward layout and placement of pine trees exemplifies how designers are designed to dramatically enhance the natural features of the home in simple, subtle designs. From the kitchen, you see, the light of the green trees in the sun rising and on the wall can be seen in the backyard of the kitchen.

Of course, the emphasis on this green space and the natural elements of the home can be found in the basic features of the entire kitchen, rather than just a door to names. This creates a sense of common ground. The composite materials were local materials such as reclaimed wood, recycled bricks, recycled glass, and concrete.

The shape of the extension is relevant not only to the home itself but also to the natural surroundings of the cabin create a sense of communication on the outside that makes it a new place to see, and is very generous, though. and not really supernatural squares. average bungalow average. At the same time, the use of timber and neutral voices keeps the feel of the expansion very welcoming.

Photos by Photographer Michael Lassman