Home Improvement to Connect to Farm Ownership

The Robouus Architects Company has rebuilt this building in 2012 for a medical. Its size is 4500 ft2, located in Tucson, Arizona, USA. This rebuilding is open to the home to interfere with the pesticide ground through improvements inside. The new systems are clean and clean to oppose the outside of the existing building.

Terrace with green plants

Using internal control mechanisms, walls are sorted out to provide good work, circuits, and views. Further, the next available balcony switches to a room outside and a new kitchen with a new strip.

Beautifully decorated terrace
Outdoor items
Pool area
Place on skin products
A large restaurant with a kitchen

The car color and natural elements are characterized by the new system by focusing on the wooden wood that affects the customer's desire to create a natural environment. This heat appliance is used in all interior areas, but it also looks like the outermost part of the ceiling outside the outside room. The currently closed shelter is converted into the outer space by creating a vibrant interior space with a modern change.

Modern wooden kitchen
TV room
Modern area area
Exercise at night