Hong Kong homes released have converted natural and comfortable subjects

The beautiful New Year's Best of Layla + Lu can be expected to be part of the beautiful quality, but also because of its original origins. You see, this new Hong Kong, China, has been rebuilded by abandoned homes left behind.

Taking up to 1,200 square feet, the house is now safe, beautifully decorated rooms with the kind of space you can take for vacation, even wildlife that you are thinking when considering when you are thinking of sitting in a local shop more than 15 years ago the new designers replaced.

Originally, it had a man who had lived all his life, leaving him suddenly from Hong Kong, everything behind his back and never came back. Until one year ago, the designers visited the site and found how it looked like it was just standing still in the door. They swear to each other in its original appearance, but clearly and accurately inside it described the old Wong Kar Wai movie.

In the newly renovated room, designers have chosen to offer a few unusual backgrounds to give home a strange behavior. First of all, visitors can find a very old and very old rubbish collection that has been painted with paint and paint paint. These were stored in their original condition from the home to give them an insightful explanation that the modern settings are restored in the same way as the same.

Green and greasy colors, long sitting with, create a beautiful appearance with new white stripes. They also fill the warm, medium-sized wooden walls and details, which make up the tree, and play various brass substances from each room.

In terms of its structure, the house is open and modern. Designers prefer mixing tools to eliminate the fact that they intend to keep some of the sunglasses. Now, apart from this, the house consists of the charcoal and brass that we mentioned earlier, as well as the heavy marble material. The goal here was to wrap up the aging and renewal of the subject.

Apart from the ease of creating a home, the audience thinks about the idea that the home story and the actions of the possession of a few things in their original condition are almost always the concept of time at the time of the palette of the subject. The team and the new owners think they know this well.

In other areas, owners are given a number of beautiful views in the surrounding area of ​​the city. To provide owners outside the city to look, however, designers aim to make them in the interior of the arts to feel as well as the appearance; one unique individual for the enjoyers.

This is part of the natural features that are put into the house in a way. Hepatitis looga home helps to make a little more out of the busy life, with you in mind, and in all the noise. It also gives a new home environment that feels clean and modern.

In areas where it is most green, designers have chosen to include more in-depth, just really moving the natural feeling of the home. Here, in addition to warm hair, you can see other places, visitors are experiencing a turbulent storm and light thinner, as well as giving some parts of the island's peace class feel her name is born.

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