Hotel Hyatt Regency Andares by Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos provides all angles and crafts

Zapopan, on the island and the Jalisco archipelago of Mexico, Hotel Hyatt Regency Andares was designed and built by Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos to invite for the experience of playing the theme of the art and the angles of all the building and beauty.

This "combination of use" building is part of a scenic effort to restore a Peurta de Hierro area, the new community center and the city of Zapopan. The General Plan, officially known as The Andares Master Plan, officially launched in 2009 when enjoyable shopping and high-tech homes built. Now, businesses and businesses like Hotel Hyatt Regency Andares will be included as part of the expansion plan's plan.

This hotel is an important structure in the area, located on 70,000 square meters and actually a hotel and Comfortable accommodation. The arts building is one of the new urban landscape features at the same time as the paseo style of Paseo Andares, a new way of creating urban city design to serve more commercial and leisure purposes.

This building covers 41 sheets above the city streets. On the ground floor, the open source of the public open-door is connected to the new road outside the world. Where it comes from all over the world, as in the hotel, the restaurant offers spectacular panels in the north and south, encouraging large windows and modern décor. Clear white and clear white, clear, dark brown and aluminium low to high.

At the hotel, the hotel is located only 12 floors. Most of the 28 houses are housed in flats and other things such as comfort. Section 13, however, is allocated to substitutes, storage, and services provided by the two parts of the building. The lower floor, the lower ground level, the building also includes retail space, several rooms for meeting, and even in the small room! The hotel rooms also have a restaurant, bar, restaurant, large restaurant, pool, gym, and a special group.

Apart from the beautiful artifacts of medieval parks, retail and community spaces, the pool is a visual and visual appearance above the entertainment. This is a two-story, open-minded, open-minded south-south facing position. Most of the art will see the entire building created by Cesar Lopez-Negrete.

To find more interesting features, Hyatt Regency Andares has called home to be the second-stop in Mexico, with a total of 173 meters.

Photos by Rafael Gamo