Housing investment is unpredictable, and investment shops are “valued”

At present, there are many investment and wealth management products on the market, such as stocks, futures, stocks, funds, etc., which are risky for professional financial products and are not suitable for public investment. So what kind of products are more suitable for public investment? First of all, residential, look at the long-term, housing prices will certainly be equal to the economic trend, according to urban development dynamics, the income of residential investment is whether the housing prices increase, the longer the investment period, the greater the need to increase, so that investment, residential Short and fast is the best, but this opportunity is now more and more impossible, and no longer!

 Housing investment is unpredictable, investment shops

There is no doubt that investors are now paving Most people choose because of high returns because of low risk. In addition to the “discounted value of long-term rent”, retail investment has a long-term value-added space, and the relationship between the two is very close. The growth of the lot will directly bring about the appreciation of the store itself, and the continuous maturity of the business circle will also bring about rising rents.

Dongyuan Kiss: Leading the Metro Gimpo Age

Residential investment in housing is unpredictable, investment shop

The extension line of Chengdu Line 2 was opened. Thanks to the subway crowd and the expansion of regional consumption, the subway neighboring business represented by Dongyuan’s relatives The rise of the city’s national guest board has matured, allowing more commercial developers to see the opportunity of the west. In Dongwon’s kiss, about 30 meters from the Jinke North Road Station of Metro Line 2, the company has introduced up to 40,000 square meters of business, making it a neighboring experiential commercial block. The planning features distinctive themes, joyous recreation, children’s themes, streamer night market and other formats, fully meet the exuberant consumer demand of a large number of residents and subway stations in the surrounding communities, and add to the commercial development of Chengdu.