How can you find a foreign river? Margaret Kivelson appeared in the picture

OR ANGELES – The data was like Margaret Kivelson and her team of doctors have never been.

It was in 1996, and the Galileo tourism flew to Europa, a Jupiter satellite. Reading back to Earth has proposed a magnet for landing on the moon. Europa should not have a magnet area, but there was – and not even the direction in the right direction.

"This is unpredictable," she said in a confidential report. "That's incredible."

It will be the most important series of precautions coming from the months of Jovian. For Dr. Kivelson's team, the goal is not to be an interesting one.

She and her friends has developed a magnetomometer plan that recovers data. The tool kit was to measure the magnetic field of the magnetic field and any change it brings in a month. These results were a bit more fun, but some others. Drug Equipment Kivelson has never been expected to replace the site exploration course.

Then he did. Dr. Kivelson and its crew will soon make sure they have received the ground, the new sea of ​​the world.

Dr. Kivelson, who will be 90 years old, is a professor at the University of California, California. For over 40 years it was a part of the active part of the NASA's largest trip outside the pesticide. It has a sense of dignity, and its drama reflects the scope of science achievements.

Its team has changed the magnetometers system in open space, making it a necessary tool for access. After being founded, originally, maritime awareness, the sunshine system is now a hot zone looking for a lifestyle.

Recently, Dr. Kivelson is a co-founder who works on the test equipment Europa Clipper, NASA long trip for overseas travel. It is planned to start early in 2022, which will see the June Jupiter Livelihoods. Her work will help to answer that life can be determined with the & # 39; trusts depth and surface oil, and the thickness of the snow high above.

But the story started in Galileo so unusual that Jupiter months. Europa Europa, it has emerged, has its own style of action.

"We have come up with many wrong ideas," said Dr. Kivelson. A year after the previous flight, however, they received their response.

In the year of the year, there were no separate classes. Mental age & # 39; s atomiga, teachers fiisiyooga no longer have the time to repeat muxaadaradooda. "It was a shame to add 10 women to an hour and 400 to the next one," she said.

It does not have to be a surprise to Harvard women. When it came to the graduation program, it was mostly the only women in the classroom.

In 1955, he joined the RAND company, a foundation for research in the Defense Department, including nuclear weapons research. It is tasked to work on the same subject as explaining the hydrogen situation of the equivalent of one million worldwide.

"There are two places you can run in this kind of hydrogen," she said. "One is in the pam and the other is in the middle of Jupiter."

Its early technical and technological experience brought about science into U.C.L.A. 1967. RAND's research conducted a specialist Jupiter, and soon became aware of the physics of his work in the field of some of the most important ideas in the field.

After meeting with Voyager in Jupiter in 1979, scientists at the American Geophysical Conference in San Francisco debated how the moon could run which is one million existing orders him and Jupiter.

Dr. Fran Bagenal, Professor Emerita, Colorado University Planning Science, has recalled Dr. Dr. Kivelson added that discussion.

"Voyager's unofficial, informative woman, but writing puzzles and problems – is going to the room, the pedestal, and break down the microphone to hear and talk about her case, and tells everyone's ideas in the room, "Dr. Bagenal said at the conference site.

"It's over at the right time," said Dr. Bagenal added. "It should not be argued, she knew her stuff."

When NASA announced it would be the Galileo Brigade in Jupiter, Dr. Kivelson well ujoogay recommend magnetometer.

"I've been convinced that science has already been found in Jupiter's field of magnetic and environmental particles," she said.

As the last period of the proposed approach is near, it took weeks to work every day until midnight. When the product is selected, "champagne has emerged," she said. "Everyone was fine."

Galileo entered a jungle camp in Jupiter in 1995. The first study of Dr. Kivelson and its crew were in rural areas in Ganymede, the largest Jupiter in the world.

Dr. Carol Paty, a professor of geology at the University of Oregon, said no one would expect the product to be too small and cool to take the chemicals, thermodynamics and interior structures necessary to create his own magnet.

"This article re-designs the science concept of internal activities in the planning process," she said.

Then he came in a series of Europa and Galileo.

The geologist doubted that the wet bulb would have had a great time, but he could not tell if he was still there or already cooled. This can be confidential and not the harsh information received by Magnetometer Galileo.

Something strange happened, and Dr. Kivelson and its distinctive team have produced in several ways to explain. That's when it comes to the idea that the Europa website has caused Jupiter.

"It is the principle of the same management of the airport," said Dr. Krishan Khurana, a geophysistist at U.C.L.A. part of the survey.

When you walk through the door, a car that produces long waves. If there is a pocket key, the radio may cause it now to pass through the key, causing a small magnet. This magnetic field means the cause of the detection device.

How to work around Jovian As Europa move website Jupiter's mobile, courses now through behavior under the form of the moon, creating a zone magiiqadeed and excellent means to looga against at Jupiter . This would mean that the Galileo carriers are cut off.

However, imagination is not reliable. It was possible that in Europa there is a large subject, a soft spot, only against Jupiter.

Because the Jeepers' balance balance (against the geographical area) is set to 10 degrees, sometimes Europa is higher, and sometimes less. What is the magnetometer group needed for measurements when Europa is on the other side of the guide.

If mobile phone switches in directions, this would mean that the garden was brought to Jupiter – and therefore had internal inspectors. The only thing that would suit the bill would be low ground, sea breeze.

Dr. Kivelson submitted this case to the Galileo project for Europa's special purpose direction – there was no application for a tour that has limited resources on time. It won, and the flight in January 2000 clearly saw what the club had done for its team:

"It is one of the most important things in science planning," said Dr. Louise Prockter, Lunar Director and Houston Institute of Planning. "She was born revolution, really."

Dr. Robert Pappalardo, a NASA project researcher at Europa Clipper, said the availability of ramifications was not only the Europa but the entire sunshine.

"They really hit the hotel on the nature of the surface of the weak," he said. "We left quickly & # 39; no & # 39; sure; & # 39; up to & # 39; other location?& # 39; It was very quick, with regard to the word & # 39; & # 39 physical world; not even there. Now it is a form of substance, in cooperation with Margy. "

Dr. Kivelson did not complete the confidentiality of Jupiter.

In addition to the work Europa Clipper next, it helps Hay & # 39; antivirus Europe Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer, which is expected to begin in 2022. accommodation focuses authority long in magnetosferka gas for heating hidden as a plasma as it goes out of Io.

She still works in her office each day and hosts a dinner party and nightclubs at U.C.L.A. For graduates and teachers, the culture began 33 years ago.

Participants share their current research and discuss the latest development techniques. Reviewing each other's work can be very slow – sharp and vibrant, but not heated or defended. Participants spend the hours explaining the same for the examples and predictions that are displayed on a clear screen. When they become obstacles, they take a black mirror, behind a soft munch of expansions, glossaries and Greek letters.

When the laptops on the table have failed, scientists call their offices to produce the fifty-year books of the book to win one point or another. Humor refers to the conflict, and the participants go beyond the chocolate around the table when they are working.

In the latest game, Steve Tomlinson, graduate student, met with a series of nine influential physicians when he offered research on sunny buildings.

Dr. Kivelson was in the midst of the challenge, responding to the 'water' and 'radical ideas', which led to the loss of Mr. Berlusconi. Tomlinson to explain his work.

"It looks like you have to have very good here," said Dr. Kivelson, who is satisfied with what she saw after a screening hour ready for the next show.