How do newborns care? Do you know?

From the time of delivery of the fetus to 28 days after birth, it is a neonatal period. During this period, if feeding or improper care, the child will be susceptible to illness, and the condition changes rapidly and the mortality rate is high. Therefore, it is especially important to do a good job in neonatal care. Below, Xiaobian introduces some health knowledge about newborns.

 How do you know how to care for your newborn?


Breast milk is The most ideal food for newborns, it not only contains all kinds of nutrients needed for the growth and development of newborns, but also health. Normal newborns can be tested for water or breast milk 6 hours after birth, 15 to 20 minutes of breast milk, 3 to 4 hours apart. After each feeding, the child should be picked up, patted on the back, and the air swallowed is discharged to avoid overflowing milk. If breast milk is not enough or can’t be breastfed, it is best to use 2:1 milk plus 5% sugar, 60 ml in the first week, 80 ml in the second week, 100 ml~120 in one month. The milliliters are fed once every 3 to 4 hours. If you have no milk, you can use goat milk, milk powder or milk powder to feed, but don’t use condensed milk with high sugar content or pure rice paste. Because it contains less protein, it will affect the growth and development of newborns.

 How do you know how to care for your newborn?


Newborn The body temperature is uncertain, and it changes easily with changes in the environment. It is prone to scleredema in the cold season. Therefore, in winter, keep warm, the back of the clothes should be soft, and if necessary, keep warm with hot water bottles and hot water bottles. Don’t get too tight and too strict in the summer, pay attention to keep indoor air circulation.

 How do you know how to care for your newborn?

Skin Care

Newborn The skin is soft, the subcutaneous capillaries are rich, and the cold-proof function is poor. Any abrasion can cause infection and even cause sepsis. When there are conditions, you can take a bath in warm water in the summer, and then dry it with a towel immediately after washing, so as not to catch cold. Clothes and diapers are best made of soft cotton products. Clothes should be suitable. Wash your hips with warm water after each bowel movement. When the umbilical cord is not falling off, the child should not be immersed in the water to prevent contamination of the umbilical cord.

Do not rub the “horse teeth”, squeeze the nipples

in the mouth of children, sometimes white spots on the top of the gums, which is the accumulation of epithelial cells, commonly known as “horse teeth” , can be self-resolving, do not pick or rub, so as not to cause infection. Males and girls may have excessive breast enlargement or secretions within a few days after birth. They may resolve by themselves within 2~3 weeks. This is formed by the influence of maternal hormones. Do not squeeze to avoid infection.