How looga attack suspected Taliban command?

Kandahar, one of the most important states in Afghanistan, was immediately questioned by the death of General Raziq, who worked together with a strong personality who had the power of central government in Afghanistan anywhere outside the capital Kabul.

When General Raziq was appointed Kandahar police commander in 2011, while in the past 30 years, the Taliban have been at the city halls. In fact, they have been regularly carrying a government official in the heart of the city to a courtroom outside the courthouse. Two of the former Raziq police commanders were killed in the operation.

General Raziq was unhappy, leading personal attacks on operations against the devastating ruins of Taliban. Human rights groups have accused them of being a torture and other unlawful killings, including opponents. However, when it stopped in the last year, and turned to the national policy, the missionaries described it as useful and cautious.

The death of Raziq has sent a tear to the festival festival, which was held in video conferencing with public media accounts. In the central town of Kabul, one Taliban soldier has been killed. "It's dead, Raziq! Kandahar, they killed Raziq!" (Song and dance were banned when Taliban took over Afghanistan.)

"Raziq has hit 2,800 people, not court and justice, and buried in south Kandahar while their mothers are still waiting," Taliban commander Mawlawi Abdul Ghafoor told Quetta, Pakistan's leaders, is based on the fact that "The commander of the Raziq slope is the god of heaven, and God is like Raziq with Scott Scott.

"One of our leaders said he hoped Scott Miller had gone too." I said, & # 39; What should I do? "& # 39; I'm not happy if 500 Americans were killed as I did Raziq killed. "

General Raziq became a national nationalist nationalist. His photo is located on the circle grounds of the circles and the windows of the restaurant. His grave, outside of the governor's office where he was killed, has already been a mosque.