How to arrange the wedding ceremony area

The wedding ceremony area is the core part of the wedding. Harbin wedding photography company said that if the layout is better, this will make the whole space more upscale, then how should we arrange the wedding ceremony area.

How to arrange the wedding ceremony area

First, a layer of white petals can be placed on the carpet, and a road vase can be designed on both sides of the carpet. At the end of the passage, a romantic flower hall can be set up. We can put these ideas into consideration. Tell the wedding company, they will help themselves.

Second, we use beautifully colored flowers to create a beautiful hydrangea, to ensure that the color is colorful, and the ribbon can be used around Decorating, it will look better.

Third, you can use some paper lanterns on the sides of the area, although the cost is very low, but the feeling will be very different, Venus I believe that we must ensure a variety of colors in the color, so as to enhance the whole . Style space

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