How to be a patient

Another recommended strategy is to look at it cause and such as Patience is important for your value.

"For example," Dr. Schnitker said, "If I talk to a parent about their children, I would say & # 39; Well, first, think about the real picture: Why is parent important? The role you do? What does this mean? your life? & # 39; "

When thinking about how patience holds the great emotions of your dignity and poisoning "makes it a lot easier to keep track of the patience of everyday and build these skills," she added.

The highest risk people have ever thought would be a risk to a patient, Schnitker said. If you do, it blames you, because you are failing.

Like marathon competition managers did not manage the marathon on the first day of the road, the heavyweight of tolerance must not expect immediate results.

"You want to train, do not try, patience," she said. "It's important to do it in a normal way."

It suggests to make tolerance during an unpleasant circumstance, even in situations even when the scores are not too high. Review the situation the next time you feel you are feeling short, thinking about the idea of ​​thinking or telling your specific benefits.

"It's like another skill," said Schnitker. "If you do it every day, then connect to a great story with a picture of why it is important, can grow and develop like a muscle."

Now that you know your performance and you are working to get out of the war or routine, add some of the pressure reduction measures. If your exhaustion loses time in waiting rooms, mark the game and play only when you arrive at the doctor's office. If you violate the traffic, leave early. If you cook lots of shops for people, they will keep your work outside work hours.