How to choose Hong Kong insurance and mainland insurance?

For cancer, let us know that the “enemy” that is about to fight will reduce fear and be able to face it with a more positive attitude and be well prepared. In addition, if the relatives around me have the “benefit” of this disease, it may be that I pay more attention to my physical health: no longer just shouting slogans without action, but real to my body Health is responsible. Improve the frequency of exercise and fitness, adhere to a fixed frequency of physical examination, as well as injection of women must be injected with HPV vaccine.

These are the pre-existing prevention tasks that we can do. These are all considered, and we must consider the post-work of “guarantee”. If I say that I have really done this after I have done all the guarantees, what should I do with this? To be honest, once you really need treatment, it is not enough to have medical insurance. You can even say that you have a lot of money because many medicines are imported and cannot be reimbursed.

But we know that although imported drugs are expensive, the therapeutic effect is better than domestic drugs. Even many diseases can only be imported drugs. Moreover, as long as they have the ability, they want to use the best drugs to get themselves as soon as possible. The loved ones are plagued by illness. After the recovery of relatives, they also need follow-up nutritional supplements and rest, which is another big expense. Therefore, insurance is actually very necessary at this time. I just want to find out quickly and add a guarantee for myself.

Inland Insurance

Then I started to do all kinds of homework. I started to understand the insurance in the Mainland. I basically locked in two big companies, so I will be more at ease. . Moreover, I found that the insurance of the big insurance company is very simple and convenient, and the information submitted on the website can be insured. However, there are fewer types of diseases guaranteed, and most of them are consumer insurance. Although I don’t want the policy to really need a claim, if I don’t have a claim, the money I have invested in it has been a big sum for so many years.

Hong Kong Insurance

Afterwards, I was exposed to Hong Kong insurance for work reasons, and I also learned about this aspect.


First of all, I found that there are really many types of diseases that Hong Kong’s severe illness insurance guarantees: for example, some insurance in the Mainland will protect 50-60 diseases, but Hong Kong’s Danger can generally guarantee more than 100 diseases. The more diseases you protect, the more peace of mind you have.


Secondly, the most important thing for Hong Kong’s critical illness insurance is to protect against serious illnesses and save dividends. This means that even if you do not make claims, these savings will make my critical illness insurance risk not “money white throwing”. If the effect is good, you may be able to earn some money. This is very attractive for me like a miser.


At the end of the day, under the same circumstances, the insurance premiums for Hong Kong insurance will be cheaper. This is because the premium is calculated according to the average life expectancy of the local people. The average life expectancy in Hong Kong is the longest in the world. The average life expectancy is 85 years old, while the average life expectancy in the mainland is 75 years. Therefore, the premium is more in the same age. cheap.

Under the current international trend, if you have the conditions, you will still be able to configure some overseas assets other than RMB. For us, inflation and the depreciation of the renminbi are actually likely to cause “asset shrinkage.” Hong Kong insurance can choose US dollars or Hong Kong dollars, which is equivalent to the allocation of some overseas assets.

Of course, I suggest that the purchase of Hong Kong insurance is a must, and there are some insurances in the country that are very convenient to purchase. It is now advocated that commercial care is more borne by commercial insurance. As an only child, we really should seriously consider these things. However, it is recommended that you must do what you can. Insurance is for an extra layer of protection, but it is not a means of getting rich. When buying insurance, you must carefully understand the terms rather than blindly purchase them. This is the real responsibility.