How to Eat a Travel and Travel Surgery

"Visiting locations like Western Europe where it is easy to replace medicines is also useful," he added. If specialist drugs or lost over the patient support programs can contact the patient's health insurance company or the drug, which is usually provided by the drug delivery through specialty pharmacies or hospital (depending on the country). For common medicines, patients can often go to local pharmacies for short periods of time.

Supporting the immune system is the key to maintaining health when traveling. Ryan Warren, a nutritional doctor at Jill Roberts's Weill Cornell Medicine Clinic and NewYork-Presbyterian, is sending her patients a small meal, salt, seasonal overnight trip. "All the food needs of the patients are different, but we recommend new fruits and vegetables (cooked, cooked, unpasteurized if the patient is far away from fatty foods), dairy protein such as fish, poultry and eggs, and a variety of fruit, nuts, grass and beans, how to tolerate, "she said.

Ms. Warren also recommends avoiding raw foods because they can carry foodborne illnesses, while traveling through a traumatic situation that may be a problem for people with immune defenses. Avoiding swollers such as sweets, oils and alcohol are also useful. "Because air travel is the root cause of dehydration, the drink is too much water," she added.

Use of mobile phones is an effective tool for travelers who have a regular medical condition. Traveling writers Jodi Ettenberg sells the free 12-language cards on their website at Legal Nomads, which describes providing insecticides and excitement over the use of food names.

Google Translate helps travelers to transfer special health care services to aviation workers, judges, hotel staff, and healthcare professionals. Create a kitchen using the programs such as Airbnb and VRBO allow travels to eat the right food themselves rather than the rest of the restaurants. (It also gives you a tourist, a chance to enjoy local foods and try and cook for you.) When you eat, programs such as Yelp, Happy Cow and HealthyOut (US only) help you find restaurants receiving special foods.